Rada allowed Kiev to play a significant role in Belarusian protests :: Politics :: RBC

According to Zagorodny, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy was forced to cross out his good relations with Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko. “Maybe he personally had a different point of view. But the puppet regime is called that because someone else is pulling the strings, ”the politician said.

Lukashenka announced the instigators of the protests from abroad

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September 16, during a meeting with the political activists of the Republic of Lukashenko statedthat Ukraine, contrary to the spirit of relations between the two countries, has become an outpost of political provocations. The President classified Ukraine as one of the US satellites, which have been jointly preparing for the current “time of H” over the past ten years. The next day Lukashenka applied to the peoples of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine with an appeal not to let the war start and to stop their politicians.

In response to these statements, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov named Lukashenka’s words about Kiev’s interference in Minsk’s affairs are nonsense and invited him to “drink some water”. “We think about Ukraine and wish only peace and prosperity to Belarus. <...> Ukrainians are friends of Belarusians, do not manipulate by blaming your neighbors. Look for the beam in your own eye, ”Avakov said.


Protests in Belarus have continued since August 9. On that day, the multi-day presidential elections ended, as a result of which Lukashenka, who has been in power for 26 years, won. Those who disagree with the results regularly organize rallies and protest rallies.

Even before the presidential elections, at the end of July, a group of 33 people was detained on the territory of Belarus. In the Belarusian KGB statedthat the detainees were employees of Wagner’s private military company (PMC). With regard to detainees aroused criminal cases on preparation of a terrorist attack and riots. The state agency BelTA wrote that the Russians came to Belarus to destabilize the situation on the eve of the presidential elections. The Kremlin considered the detention of the Russians groundless.

Lukashenko said about envy of Russians and Ukrainians towards Belarusians

Alexander Lukashenko

Belarus let go detained “PMC militants” on August 14. 32 of the 33 detainees returned to Russia. One of them, in addition to Russian, has Belarusian citizenship, so he remained on the territory of the republic. The Ukrainian authorities demanded the extradition of nine detainees, Kiev suspects them of terrorism. Vladimir Zelensky named Minsk’s decision to hand over the detainees to Moscow is unfair. Zelensky called the whole situation around the return of the Russians detained in Belarus “a story in which trust and objectivity were neglected.”


A large shopping and leisure center appeared in the south of St. Petersburg :: St. Petersburg :: RBC

Photo: website of the government of St. Petersburg

In the Slavyanka microdistrict of the Pushkin district of St. Petersburg, the Green Park cultural and leisure center worth 2 billion rubles was commissioned. According to the press service of PSK Group of Companies (project investor), the area of ​​the object was 23.9 thousand square meters. m. Experts interviewed by RBC Petersburg say that, given the shortage of places for leisure in the microdistrict, Green Park may well become a “local” center of attraction, but the time for its commissioning is difficult, given the approach of the second wave of COVID-19.

Filling the areas

The two-storey leisure center is located in the central part of Slavyanka. A parking lot for 650 cars is envisaged on the territory; in the future, a park will be set up nearby. According to the investor, 40% of the commercial space of the complex will be allocated for leisure, social and sports needs. In particular, the first fitness club in Slavyanka with a swimming pool, Fitness House, will appear here. The first large supermarket in the microdistrict, clothing stores, grocery stores, and children’s stores will also open there. At the same time, there will be no traditional food court in the center (instead, there will be separate restaurants and coffee shops).

The official opening of Green Park is scheduled for December 1st. “At the time of commissioning, 80% of the area was commissioned in Green Park. We have every reason to believe that at the time of the opening of the complex there will be 100% filling, which will be a record for such projects, “says Stanislav Stupnikov, head of the retail real estate department of the Best Group of Companies (exclusive broker for the project).

According to the expert, the construction of this facility provided an opportunity to start work in Slavyanka for large federal networks. Prior to that, there were no necessary areas in the microdistrict. Stupnikov recalls that 180 thousand people live in the coverage area of ​​the leisure center. In his opinion, the audience of Green Park is not only residents of Slavyanka, but also of adjacent territories, such as Pushkin and Kolpino.

Lack of places for leisure

Andrei Kosarev, head of Colliers International in St. Petersburg, believes that since the new facility in Slavyanka has no competition, it may well become a center of attraction for residents of its microdistrict. According to the expert, the Pushkinsky district is the least provided with retail space in St. Petersburg (47 sq. M per thousand inhabitants). For comparison, in the Petrodvortsovy district, which is next, the provision is 97 sq. m per thousand inhabitants, and in Vasileostrovsky – 112 sq. m per thousand inhabitants.


Vilfand promised a temperature above normal on the last day of summer in Moscow :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Konstantin Kokoshkin / Global look Press

In Moscow, on the last day of summer, there will be an abnormal heat, and then on Tuesday, September 1, there will be a sharp cold snap. About it TASS said the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, Roman Vilfand.

“The temperature will start to rise on Sunday, and on Monday it will already be 25-30 degrees. The temperature is very high, exceeding the norm by about six degrees, ”the meteorologist said.

Then, according to Vilfand, a noticeable cooling will begin, the temperature may drop to 20-25 degrees Celsius. “No significant precipitation is forecasted on this day. The temperature background and weather conditions will be approximately the same on Wednesday, ”he added.

Forecasters promised a cold snap in Moscow next week

Wilfand previously reported about an abnormally warm end of summer almost throughout Russia. According to him, practically throughout the entire territory of the country, the temperature background is predicted to be 2-8 degrees higher than normal.


Tension and confusion: video records entry of Bolivian military into Argentine territory

Argentine journalist Raúl Costes was on the Salvador Mazza international bridge, which links Bolivia with Argentina, in the province of Salta, when he witnessed an unusual event that the Salta professional himself described as an “anomalous situation.”

Costes was a witness when five soldiers of the Bolivian army crossed the border and entered Argentine territory without authorization and, at least one of them, carrying his weapon. The military troops advanced several meters through trans-Andean territory until two gendarmes – the institution that guards the borders – came out in front of the group of soldiers.

After a brief dialogue, in which the Argentine agents reminded the Bolivian troops that they could not cross the border armed, the five released turned around and returned to their country. All this was recorded and narrated by Costes.

“It is an anomalous situation, we have never seen Bolivian soldiers in Argentine territory and less with weapons, at least one of them is seen with his regulation weapon, the first to lead the platoon of 5, a female,” the journalist said.

The crossing of the Salvador Mazza international bridge was controlled until Thursday and on Friday it was fully opened, which produced a high movement of people across the border, that day was when the incident with the highland soldiers took place.


The New Territory has arrived at Maipú Ford, the benchmark SUV in design and functionality

The new Territory is yet another example of Ford’s strategic direction, setting a new standard for this type of vehicle in terms of comfort, technology and safety.

This SUV has a 1.5L turbo engine with direct injection, 143CV, 225NM of torque and front-wheel drive. In addition, it has a CVT automatic transmission with eight pre-programmed gears. Get to know all the details of the New Ford Territory!


The Territory has an impressive and technological design. Regarding the exterior design, it has a front grille with an exclusive design, double panoramic sunroof, double rear exhaust outlets, longitudinal roof bars, chrome exterior details, 18 ”alloy wheels and electric, light-heated rear view mirrors. turning and puddle light.

With regard to the interior, the Territory amalgamates sophisticated design and functionality that maximize comfort and interior space. It is equipped with heated and cooled front seats, and the driver’s seat is electrically adjustable. In turn, it has leather upholstery, multifunction steering wheel, central and rear armrests and automatic climate control with air outlet in the rear seats.

Another highlight is the lighting: this SUV features LED headlights and taillights, LED daytime running lights, and front and rear fog lights.


Technology is a fundamental pillar in this vehicle that guarantees the greatest comfort and functionality. This new SUV features a SYNC Touch 10 ”multi-touch screen connectivity system compatible with Android Auto and Apple Car Play, bluetooth voice control and USB ports. It also has a fully configurable digital dashboard with three design modes: classic, sports and fashion.

A novelty of this product in terms of technology is the wireless charger for smartphones. This system charges the cell phone by magnetic induction: the surface where the phone is to be placed generates a magnetic field that is captured by a receiver of the equipment and transforms it into a battery charge. This tool does not disable any functionality of the multimedia system or cell phone.

Also, the Territory is a keyless vehicle: It has keyless access and ignition via Ford Power button, electric handbrake with auto hold function, one-touch window lift and automatic headlights.

A highlight of this SUV is the semi-autonomous parking system. It monitors the road for empty parallel or perpendicular spaces where it could park. Once the free space is detected, the driver must go to the change that is requested on the screen for the vehicle to carry out the maneuver. From that moment, the driver only has to operate the brake and the accelerator, while the system is in charge of controlling the direction to park correctly.


The Territory features Ford Co-Pilot 360, Ford’s driver assistance system that includes:

  • Autonomous emergency braking: the system will automatically apply the brakes in the event of a possible collision.
  • Forward Collision Alert: The system will notify the driver of a possible frontal collision.
  • Blind spot alert: two modules located on both sides of the vehicle detect the presence of objects in the blind spot, alerting the driver of these.
  • Lane change alert: the vehicle will alert the driver when it detects that he deviates from the lane in which he is traveling.
  • Intelligent adaptive cruise control with stop & go function: the system allows you to set the driving speed, as well as the distance to the vehicle in front. Once in operation, the vehicle will maintain speed and / or distance. If the traffic comes to a complete stop, the brakes are applied automatically and then move off again once the vehicle ahead is moving. The system performs all the action autonomously.

In turn, it has a 360 camera with panoramic vision that projects the entire environment of the vehicle on the central 10 ”screen, giving a unique visibility of great help for any maneuver. It also has front and rear proximity sensors that complement the driving experience and safety.

The new Territory also includes:

  • High resistance steel reinforced structure.
  • Six Airbags: front for driver and passenger, chest sides in rear seats and side curtain.
  • Five three-point inertial belts
  • Anclajes ISOFIX

The Territory is produced at the modern plant in Xiaolan (China), in association with JMC, where Everest, Transit and Transit Tourneo, Ford global products, are also produced. It is now available in five colors: Oxford White, Panther Black, Ocher Pearl, Kodiak Brown and Lunar Blue; and has a three-year or 100,000km warranty for the vehicle.

Come meet her! For more information, contact 0351-4859500, by WhatsApp at 351 526-6057, entering www.maipuford.com.ar or go to Av. Colón 4085.

Source and images: media.ford.com


Kuzbass police put thief in law Shamaz on the federal wanted list

The Kuzbass police announced the federal wanted list for kingpin Shamaz. Photo: Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Kemerovo Region

The Kuzbass police put Alexander Shamazov, known in criminal circles as “Sasha Shamaz”, on the federal wanted list. He has the status of a so-called “thief in law” and is hiding from the investigation.

Alexander Shamazov, born on 02/06/1964, is a defendant in the only case in the region, initiated under the article “Occupying the highest position in the criminal hierarchy.” He has already been prosecuted for organizing a criminal community and a series of crimes.

– In 2018, Alexander Shamazov was released from prison, after which he took the lead in the criminal hierarchy of the region, in particular, he appointed the so-called “overseers” over various conditionally divided territories of Kuzbass, – said the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Kemerovo Region.

Now Shamazov is hiding from the investigation, in connection with which he is put on the federal wanted list.

The police ask residents who know anything about the whereabouts of the wanted person to report it by phone: 8 (384-2) 52-41-00, 52-46-00 or 02 (102 – from mobile). Confidentiality is guaranteed!


Junior closes negotiation with Red Bull Bragantino for César Haydar

And it is a fact. After several weeks of proposals and counterproposals, calculator, fine print, clauses and tug of war, the negotiation between Junior and Red Bull Bragantino was finally closed for the federative and economic rights of central defender César Haydar.

EL HERALDO learned that the Brazilian team will finally pay the Sharks $ 2,800,000 for the transfer of 70% of the rights of the 19-year-old defender. The shark group reserves the remaining 30% to participate in future negotiations.

The player has been training outside the group with Michael Rangel, who is looking for a team abroad to be transferred.

Red Bull Bragantino, Brazil’s first division team, which is based in the city of Braganca Paulista, in the State of Sao Paulo, must pay 50% of the amount next week to seal the agreement and receive Haydar in the country of samba to take medical exams.

Valle del Cauca’s José Velasco, the defender’s representative, said that Bragantino’s interest in Haydar has been going back to last year, when he debuted in the first division at the hands of Luis Fernando Suárez.

In his first games as a rojiblanco, Haydar showed his technical wealth and character to play without being noticed that he was a rookie.

The coach Julio Comesaña, who at the time told the defender that he had to improve several issues of his behavior (something that Haydar later admitted and said had served him a lot), has also given him a chance in the starter and Suán’s boy ( Atlántico) has not disappointed.

In the Colombia U-18 team he also stood out and was champion in a friendly homer in Japan. It will surely be in the plans of coach Arturo Reyes for the U-20 team that will play the South American Tournament, next year in Colombian territory (from February 2 to 27).

Bragantino, which since 2019 belongs to Red Bull GmbH, an Austrian company that markets the energy drink of the same name, has been incorporating young players with talent and projection.

At the beginning of this year they hired until 2024 the Ecuadorian Leo Realpe, another 19-year-old defender who had shown his quality in Independiente del Valle, current champion of the Copa Sudamericana.


In Russia, 80 forest fires were extinguished per day :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Konstantin Mikhailov / Global Look Press

Over the past day, 80 forest fires were extinguished in Russia. This is reported by Forest Protection, RIA Novosti reports.

The total area of ​​extinguished forests amounted to 2113 ha. As of midnight on June 29, 246 forest fires were recorded in the country on an area of ​​more than 165 thousand hectares. All these fires are actively extinguished.

The most serious situation with forest fires is now in Chukotka – there are 14 outbreaks registered there, the fire spread over an area of ​​more than 41 thousand hectares.

The media learned about the plan of the Ministry of Natural Resources to reduce forest fire control zones

Фото: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Earlier in June, it became known that the Ministry of Natural Resources was proposing to reduce the so-called control zones – the territory of the forest, where regional authorities were allowed not to put out fires due to inaccessibility. Last summer, these sites accounted for 90% of all forest fires in the country.


In two districts of Primorye, due to rains, an emergency mode was announced :: Society :: RBC

In two municipalities of Primorsky Krai, an emergency mode was introduced due to flooding after prolonged heavy rains. This was reported by the press service of the regional government.

On June 29, due to overflowing from the banks of the rivers, the regime was introduced in the Chuguevsky district. “Due to cyclones and heavy rainfall in the Chuguevsky municipal district, the water level in the rivers exceeded the level of adverse events,” the press service quoted the statement of representatives of the regional ministry of civil defense and emergency situations.

Two days earlier, the emergency mode was introduced in the Kavalerovsky district of Primorye. In both municipalities, operational services protect the public and eliminate the effects of the flood.

In Vladivostok due to incessant rains flooded the streets

The government noted that the most difficult situation was in the village of Novomikhailovka – there formed a lake of groundwater with an area of ​​6 hectares next to the dam and the residential sector. Emergency personnel were not able to divert water through the floodgate, which led to flooding of the adjacent territories and gardens.


Mississippi announces possible flag change due to protests :: Society :: RBC

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves said he was ready to change the state flag amid protests against racism in the United States. He wrote about this on Twitter.

“For several days, lawmakers cannot break the deadlock when discussing the new flag. The discussion on the 1894 flag is as controversial as the flag itself. It’s time to put an end to her. I’m ready to sign the bill if they send it to me on the weekend, ”Reeves wrote.

The Mississippi flag is the only state flag in the United States to display Confederate symbols – a blue cross with stars. The Confederate States (Southerners-slave owners) were opponents of the northerners in the Civil War of 1861-1865, one of the reasons for which was the policy of the non-proliferation of slavery in the country.

Travelers and Confederates: whose monuments are demolished in the USA and Europe

The governor made such a statement amid ongoing protests in the United States caused by the death of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25. The man died in the hospital after being detained by a policeman who, for almost nine minutes, used a choke to him.