Speaker of the parliament of Kyrgyzstan Isaev refused to accept the powers of the president :: Politics :: RBC

According to the chairman of the Central Election Commission Nurzhan Shildabekova, the new presidential elections can pass in the country on January 17.

The day after the parliamentary elections on October 4, protests began in Kyrgyzstan. According to the CEC, only four parties out of 16 were able to overcome the 7% threshold. Supporters of the losing parties took to the streets. The rallies turned into clashes with the security forces. In the first 24 hours of protests alone, about 600 people were injured, and one protester was killed.

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Amid protests, the CEC proposed lowering the electoral threshold for entering parliament and annulled the October 4 election results. In addition, Prime Minister Kubatbek Boronov, Mayor of Bishkek Aziz Surakmatov, Head of the General Staff Rayimberdi Duishenbiev decided to leave their posts.

Ten days after the start of the protests, the resignation also decided to leave President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbai Jeenbekov. According to Part 1 of Art. 68 of the Constitution of the Republic, his duties were to be accepted by the speaker of parliament. While the powers of the acting head of state crossed over to the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov.

Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan announced the receipt of presidential powers

Sadyr Zhaparov (in the center)


Isaev later statedthat Jeenbekov’s merit is invaluable. He noted the great contribution that the ex-president made to the development of the country and spoke in support of retaining the privileges of the former head of the republic.


US Presidential Election: Consistently Outperforming Trump, Biden Approaches Magic Number 50 Percent Page all

MIAMI, KOMPAS.com – Recapitulation of a number of surveys during the past week showing the presidential candidates United States of America ( AS) from the Party Democrats, Joe Biden, maintains its superiority over the incumbent Party republic President Donald Trump.

Biden consistently leading nationally and in a number of crucial states or swing states, who will determine who the inhabitants of the White House are on January 20, 2021.

In the state of Wisconsin, two surveys show former Vice President Barack Obama a convincing 6 and 10 points ahead Trump.

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Biden was up 52 percent versus 46 percent according to an ABC News / The Washington Post poll.

The 77-year-old veteran politician also earned 52 percent in Wisconsin according to a CNN / SSRS survey. However, in this survey, Trump was only chosen by 42 percent of respondents.

Biden also got good news from two states that have a significant demographic of Hispanic voters, Arizona and Florida.

Arizona, which has traditionally been the basis of the Republican vote is likely to change political choices in the 2020 presidential election.

The Monmouth University survey gave Biden a narrow 2-point lead, at 48 percent to 46 percent.

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However, Biden has a big lead when referring to a Siena College / The New York Times Upshot survey that shows him leaving Trump by 9 points away, which is 49 percent versus 40 percent.

Meanwhile, in Florida, Biden led 50 percent against 45 percent according to a poll by Monmouth University.

Two different surveys also show Biden’s superiority in the state of North Carolina.

CNN / SSRS shows Biden leading Trump with a gain of 49 percent against 46 percent.

Tighter competition can be seen from the results of a survey by Siena College / The New York Times Upshot, where the two presidential candidates are only 1 point apart, namely Biden 45 percent and Trump 44 percent.

A national survey by NBC News / The Wall Street Journal gave Biden a convincing 8-point lead, namely 51 percent against Trump’s 43 percent.

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Magic number 50 percent

Magic number or it can also be called a psychological number defined as a number that is often used as a reference for winning in general elections.

A very clear pattern from the released survey results is that the Biden figure is stable in the range of 48-50 percent.

This gives a signal that Biden is in a comfort zone to secure victory in the November 3 elections. Almost the majority of the people of “Uncle Sam’s Country” chose to choose Jill Biden’s husband.

The pattern can also be seen from the range of Trump’s votes which remained fixed in the range of 45-46 percent, aka not moving from popular vote which he won in the 2016 presidential election.

The 74-year-old president is having a hard time expanding his voter bloc which is too concentrated on white voters without a university education.

The populist rhetoric of the right that continues to echo and the chaos in handling the spread of the corona virus, has made the voter bloc that was previously the basis of Republican voters to leave the party bearing the elephant symbol.

These voter blocks are mainly voters living in the constituency suburban, university-educated women voters, and most surprisingly older voters.

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Half of US voters reside in the county suburban and they will determine who is the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

Trump won the electoral bloc suburban in the 2016 presidential election by a difference of 4 points.

Four years later, the average survey results show Biden beat Trump with a double-digit advantage in the region suburban.

Shift support on suburban is a major factor in keeping Biden in his near 50 percent comfort zone.

Trump is trying to use law enforcement rhetoric to scare off voters suburban, that Biden would ravage their cities like Kenosha and Minneapolis because of the racial crisis.

So far the survey results show voters suburban The growing diversity of ethnic minorities is not affected by Trump’s rhetoric.

Voters suburban was the main key to the Democratic victory in the 2018 DPR elections.

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PiS without a majority. What about Solidarna Polska and the Understanding?

There is a crisis in the ruling coalition. A conflict between PiS and Solidarna Polska broke out after the vote on the amendment to the Animal Protection Act. Ziobro’s deputies voted “against” the so-called Five for animals, and on Friday, there was a series of statements by activists from both parties, which indicate that the coalition negotiations have been broken. The decision on the future of the ZP will probably be made today, at a meeting of the PiS leadership.

Meanwhile, as the new IBRiS poll for “Rp” shows, if the coalition breaks up and early elections are held, Solidarna Polska and the Agreement by Jarosław Gowin have no chance of getting into the Sejm on their own.

Without Agreement and SP, with a minority government

The survey was carried out on Saturday, September 19, so immediately after the crisis in the ruling coalition.

So how would the Poles vote? Law and Justice would invariably get the most votes – 36 percent. votes, and Solidarna Polska and the Agreement would receive 1.4 percent each. votes.

If the elections were held next Sunday, the Civic Coalition could count on 21.8 percent. votes, and the next place would be taken by Szymon Hołownia’s movement – 9.2 percent. votes.

Next were the Confederation (8.2% of the vote) and the Left (6.1% of the vote) and below the election threshold – the Polish Coalition (3.4% of the vote).

In the study, as much as 12.5 percent. the respondents did not know who they would like to vote for.

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Rada allowed Kiev to play a significant role in Belarusian protests :: Politics :: RBC

According to Zagorodny, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy was forced to cross out his good relations with Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko. “Maybe he personally had a different point of view. But the puppet regime is called that because someone else is pulling the strings, ”the politician said.

Lukashenka announced the instigators of the protests from abroad

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September 16, during a meeting with the political activists of the Republic of Lukashenko statedthat Ukraine, contrary to the spirit of relations between the two countries, has become an outpost of political provocations. The President classified Ukraine as one of the US satellites, which have been jointly preparing for the current “time of H” over the past ten years. The next day Lukashenka applied to the peoples of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine with an appeal not to let the war start and to stop their politicians.

In response to these statements, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov named Lukashenka’s words about Kiev’s interference in Minsk’s affairs are nonsense and invited him to “drink some water”. “We think about Ukraine and wish only peace and prosperity to Belarus. <...> Ukrainians are friends of Belarusians, do not manipulate by blaming your neighbors. Look for the beam in your own eye, ”Avakov said.


Protests in Belarus have continued since August 9. On that day, the multi-day presidential elections ended, as a result of which Lukashenka, who has been in power for 26 years, won. Those who disagree with the results regularly organize rallies and protest rallies.

Even before the presidential elections, at the end of July, a group of 33 people was detained on the territory of Belarus. In the Belarusian KGB statedthat the detainees were employees of Wagner’s private military company (PMC). With regard to detainees aroused criminal cases on preparation of a terrorist attack and riots. The state agency BelTA wrote that the Russians came to Belarus to destabilize the situation on the eve of the presidential elections. The Kremlin considered the detention of the Russians groundless.

Lukashenko said about envy of Russians and Ukrainians towards Belarusians

Alexander Lukashenko

Belarus let go detained “PMC militants” on August 14. 32 of the 33 detainees returned to Russia. One of them, in addition to Russian, has Belarusian citizenship, so he remained on the territory of the republic. The Ukrainian authorities demanded the extradition of nine detainees, Kiev suspects them of terrorism. Vladimir Zelensky named Minsk’s decision to hand over the detainees to Moscow is unfair. Zelensky called the whole situation around the return of the Russians detained in Belarus “a story in which trust and objectivity were neglected.”


| Sergio Porporatto spoke at an international symposium on Sports Medicine

The sports doctor is part of the team of the Sports Program of the Government of San Luis. He spoke about “Scoliosis and Sport”, before renowned medical professionals from different parts of the world.

Sergio Porporatto spoke at an international symposium on Sports Medicine.

Between September 10 and 12, the International Symposium on Sports Medicine and Applied Sciences was held, “Active and healthy life after pandemic.” It was virtual and had the dissertation of more than 40 health professionals from around the world.

The sports doctor, Sergio Porporatto, belongs to the Sports Program of the Government of San Luis, is in charge of the Sports Medicine Area and spoke this Saturday morning on “Scoliosis and Sports.”

“I addressed everything related to how to handle ourselves when pathology occurs, but especially at the time it reaches a surgical condition. I emphasized that one should not be afraid of the indication to practice sports because it is not a contraindication to carry out physical activity when suffering from this disease, ”said Porporatto. And he added: “It was a very good talk and I am proud to represent the province of San Luis and the Sports Program in an event of such magnitude.”

Regarding his functions in the provincial government, Porporatto joined Sports in December 2019 and is part of the High Performance Sports Subprogram. “The presence of senior professionals in the team allows our athletes to have an attention and a follow-up that has never been seen before. In this case, we are happy and proud to have a space for sports medicine because a healthy athlete is closer to reaching full development and the goals that he sets for himself, ”explained the head of the Sports Program, Cintia Ramírez.

Sports Medicine Area

Since its creation, this Area is primarily concerned with protocolizing the medical care of athletes. “We are working on the implementation of the Department of Exercise Sciences and we never stop serving the athletes that make up the provincial teams, even since the pandemic began they were able to make online consultations with me, the nutritionist and the physical therapists,” said Porporatto.

Currently, the professionals have their offices in the gymnasium of the “Ave Fénix” Sports Development and Specialization Center.

Thinking about what is coming, we will work on specific projects. One has to do with a healthy athlete’s control, another with the treatment of the injured athlete and a third linked to how sports medicine can work on the athlete’s evolution, from their recruitment until they reach high places and from what In this way, health professionals can be incorporated into the work of physical trainers and coaches.

Note and photos: Press Sports Program.


Tsepkalo reported on the upcoming documents on Lukashenka to the court in the Hague :: Politics :: RBC

Answering the question, what should be the reaction of the West to what is happening in Belarus, Tsepkalo said that it would be “more than enough” if the EU countries introduced personal sanctions against Lukashenka and his family members.

The opposition politician recalled the precedent created in the American courts, when persons involved in torture and beatings could not carry out financial transactions through international payment systems.

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“Any financial transactions of these people will be frozen. This will not only apply to foreign territory, but also to transactions with cards within the Republic of Belarus, ”explained Tsepkalo.

In the US, the details of sanctions against Belarus were revealed

Mass protests in Belarus have been going on for over a month. In the early days, the authorities reported several thousand detainees and hundreds of victims. At least seven people were killed in clashes with security forces.

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia imposed personal sanctions against Lukashenka and 29 other high-ranking citizens of the republic, declaring them persona non grata. The EU refused impose restrictions on the Belarusian leader because of the position of Germany and France, which considered that this would destroy diplomatic channels with Minsk.

The media learned about the blocking of EU sanctions against Belarus by Cyprus

Photo: Vasily Fedosenko / Reuters

Eurozone countries in August agreed impose sanctions on officials in charge of elections and those responsible for violence against demonstrators in Belarus. However, in September these measures blocked Cyprus, which demanded the inclusion in the sanctions list of seven Turkish companies conducting drilling operations on the disputed shelf area.

The United States has added 16 Belarusian officials to the sanctions list and promisedthat will expand it in the near future.


Exitpol showed the emergence of new parties in the parliaments of the regions :: Politics :: RBC

According to the exit poll, New People also overcame the 5% barrier in the elections to the legislative assemblies of the Kaluga and Kostroma regions, where the party gained 8.4 and 6.5%, respectively.

In the elections to the Legislative Assembly of the Kaluga Region, according to the poll, United Russia is in the lead – 46.4%. It is followed by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation – 12.3%, “Fair Russia” – 9.2% and the LDPR – 8.4%. In this region, 56.5 thousand people participated in a poll conducted at 150 polling stations. The answer was given by 66.8% of the respondents.

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In the Kostroma region, United Russia leads the elections to the regional duma, according to the exit poll results, with 39%. The Communist Party gained 15.9%, the Liberal Democratic Party – 10.8%, “Fair Russia” – 9.1%. The poll was conducted at 150 polling stations in the Kostroma region. Out of 52 thousand people, 59.1% of respondents answered the questions.

According to the law, parties whose candidates have passed the lists to the legislative bodies of at least one Russian region can participate in elections to the State Duma without collecting signatures from voters. The next elections to it are to be held in September 2021, and the current elections are the last before them.

Medvedev congratulated United Russia on a “good result” in the elections

Dmitry Medvedev

Prilepin’s “For the Truth” party was created in February based on the movement of the same name. In May, the Ministry of Justice registered her and allowed the party to participate in the elections.

She presented her election program in early July. In it the party, in particular, suggested to consolidate in the Constitution a norm that allows any territory to be annexed to Russia if 75% of its citizens voted for joining the country, and also spoke in favor of holding such referendums in the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

On the creation of the right-wing New People party, businessman Alexander Davankov, one of the founders and former co-owner of the Faberlic cosmetics company, announced in January. Alexei Nechaev, his former partner, owner of Faberlic, became the chairman.

The new party was registered at the Ministry of Justice on March 1. Its charter stated that the main goal of the New People was to “reorient the state” from caring for officials to serving citizens.


After a 10-year break, the Russian biathlon team trains again at the Seminsky Pass | Gorny Altai News

On August 22, the Russian men’s biathlon team drove to a mountain camp at a training center located at the Seminsky Pass in the Altai Republic. This was reported by Valery Polkhovsky, who on August 28 was officially approved as the head coach of the Russian national biathlon team.

The goal of the camp is “to increase the level of aerobic performance, to get mountain experience, so that later it is easier to acclimatize at the stage of preparation for the World Championship, as well as to maintain all those physical qualities that we have developed on the plains”.

“The national teams haven’t trained at the Seminsky Pass for a long time – at least 10 years,” Valery Polkhovsky is quoted by the official website of the Russian Biathlon Union. – I arrived at the site before the arrival of the team, met with the management of the complex. Found a common understanding. Then we will together restore the traditions that once were there. By the way, now, in addition to the national team, regional teams are training at the Seminsky Pass – from Kamchatka to St. Petersburg.

The training base has created the best conditions for the training camp. The guys are satisfied with the living conditions, everything is fine with food too. The shooting range was put in order. Nikolai Nikolaevich and Nikolai Petrovich Melikhovs did their best. The training camp can be held with dignity. “

Valery Palkovsky noted that the authorities of the Altai Republic are interested in training national teams. “The base is under the close supervision of the head of the Altai Republic Oleg Khorokhordin… The national team was visited by the chairman of the local sports committee Oleg Gurin – asked how the team lives and trains. “

At the same time, as the head coach of the Russian men’s national team said, Yuri Kaminsky, the biathletes got “the maximum possible at the moment, but in the future they would like to do without heroic efforts to achieve acceptable conditions. If we count on this base in the future – and we count on – it is necessary to improve the material base here. The issue of shooting range, which does not correspond to modern parameters, is especially acute. It has not been reconstructed since the construction of the training center itself. “

The trainers noted that the Seminsky Pass is one of the best, if not the best, place in Russia for its mountain effect.

“Seminsky Pass is a great place to prepare for the Beijing Olympics and pre-Olympic week. There, the height is identical to that of the Games, and the time difference is only two hours. Snow and glide are similar too. We can say, starting with the Kaminsky team, we are already using the Seminsky Pass to prepare for the Games, and we plan to do this in the future, ”Valery Polkhovsky summed up.

We add that the XXIV Winter Olympic Games in Beijing are planned to be held in 2022 from 4 to 20 February.


The body of a five-year-old girl was found on the banks of the Yenisei in Khakassia :: Society :: RBC

Photo: EMERCOM of Russia

On the banks of the Yenisei in the city of Sayanogorsk, the body of a five-year-old girl with signs of drowning was found. About it reports the main investigation department of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Republic of Khakassia.

According to the investigation, at about 16:00 local time (12:00 Moscow time), with the permission of her mother, the girl went for a walk. Within an hour, she did not return home, and her mother began an independent search. After some time, a resident of Sayanogorsk, resting on the banks of the Yenisei, reported the discovery of the girl’s body.

During the investigation, it turned out that the deceased was walking with a six-year-old boy who lived next door. This child also did not return home, he has not yet been found.

The prosecutor’s office began checking after a child fell from a boat in St. Petersburg

Photo: Zamir Usmanov / Global Look Press

“Investigative measures are underway, the search for the boy continues. <...> All the necessary forces are thrown into the search for the child, a tragedy, ”Irina Aul, ombudsman for the rights of the child in the Republic of Khakassia, told RBC.


Lukashenka refused to leave and promised a new Constitution instead of elections :: Politics :: RBC

Tihanovskaya is ready to become a national leader

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, who, according to the CEC, received the second result in the elections, also made a statement on Monday – it was posted on social networks. Noticing that she did not and did not have any illusions about a political career, she said that she was “ready to take responsibility and act in this period as a national leader.” Before the start of the election campaign, Tikhanovskaya, who is now in Lithuania, did not work, raised children, and her husband, blogger Sergei Tikhanovsky, was engaged in social activities.

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On Saturday, the headquarters of Tikhanovskaya proposed to create a council for the transfer of power, to which everyone, representing different categories of society, can enter. “The Coordinating Council is an expanded working group of the most respected members of society, which should discuss and develop safe and stable mechanisms to ensure the transfer of power,” the headquarters said in a statement. More than 200 people submitted applications.

The council for the transfer of power includes Aleksievich and the head of the staff Babariko

Svetlana Alexievich

In addition, the failed presidential candidate Valery Tsepkalo announced the creation of the National Salvation Front of Belarus.

Alternative suggestions

Not all opposition politicians share the idea of ​​creating parallel power institutions.

“I am against any bodies that duplicate the functions of the state. We don’t need dual power, ”insists presidential election participant Andrei Dmitriev (1.2% of the vote, according to the CEC). “We need to remain in the legal field, so we demand to convene an extraordinary session of parliament. At this session, it is necessary to consider three requirements that are put forward by all protesters: new elections with new composition of election commissions at all levels and the recognition of the past elections as invalid; freedom of all political prisoners and peace on our streets – no riot police with closed faces, no pressure on peoplewho are on strike, ”Dmitriev listed in a conversation with RBC. The politician has prepared an appeal to the deputies of the lower house with a proposal to hold an extraordinary meeting and knows that several deputies share this idea.

“Nobody wants Maidans and revolutions, we have no geopolitical choice here, we will remain committed to all agreements, we understand the security interests of Russia and will follow in their mainstream. We are solving only one internal issue: the Belarusian people want to choose their own government and feel safe in their own country, ”says Dmitriev.

Ex-deputy Anna Kanopatskaya, who also participated in the elections (1.7% of the vote), agrees that it is necessary to remain in the legal field. “Any calls for the creation of a government, for the recognition of a different president are contrary to the current legislation,” she insists. In her opinion, the only legal way to get out of the crisis is to hold repeat elections with a new CEC chairman. The reason for not recognizing the elections, she calls not falsifications, but the fact that they were appointed by the illegitimate composition of the House of Representatives, therefore, the Constitutional Court must recognize the current composition of the Chamber as unconstitutional, restore the powers of the sixth convocation, and that, in turn, must appoint new elections.

A protest action of many thousands in Minsk. Photo report

Deputy of the House of Representatives from the Communist Party Andrei Syrankov told RBC that he knew nothing about the possible convocation of the lower house of parliament. He considers the ongoing protests “another attempt to thwart the political will of the leader and stop the economy of Belarus, which even the coronavirus could not stop.” “This is a scenario that is unambiguously worked out according to the training manual of Gene Sharp, the task is to overthrow Lukashenka, and no one knows what will happen next. Now they are calling for dialogue, but with whom to dialogue? The opposition does not have a single united leader, ”he sums up.

What determines the further development of events

At the moment, it is difficult to imagine negotiations between Lukashenko and the opposition on the transfer of power, Arkady Moshes, director of the research program for the EU’s Eastern Neighborhood and for Russia at the Finnish Institute of International Relations, told RBC. In his opinion, the republic’s authorities do not see the need for such discussions or serious concessions: the split of the elites in the republic is minimal, and Lukashenka feels safe. He freely moves around the country, enlisted the support of Russia, the analyst said.

“The issue of negotiations on the transfer of power will become relevant only if the intensity of the protests grows and the security forces find it more difficult to control the security situation of the elites. The protest should gain control over at least a minimal territory of the country – this would be the embodiment of its ability to establish power over part of the country, ”Moshes said. He noted that control over the territory has become one of the components of the success of the Ukrainian opposition on the Maidan.

The intensity of protests persists, the opposition is forming a coordinating council and has already presented the first list of its members, said Alexei Makarkin, professor at the Higher School of Economics National Research University. According to him, it is more and more difficult for Lukashenka to avoid a dialogue with her. “At the same time, the list of council members is people with whom it will be very difficult for Lukashenka to come to terms. These are not former officials of his regime, but representatives of the opposition and civil society who do not recognize the legitimacy of the current president, ”the expert explained.

Lukashenka’s behavior is difficult to predict, Makarkin notes. “The President does not trust either the opposition or the West as a mediator in the negotiations on the transit of power. On the one hand, on Monday he first started talking about his resignation after the adoption of the Constitution, on the other hand, he is offended at the protesters, especially in the working environment, and claims that he will not give in to pressure, ”the expert said. The negotiation process will be further complicated by the fact that the opposition itself does not trust Lukashenka either and is unlikely to be able to give him security guarantees, given the scale of repression against the protesters, he added.

At the same time, a scenario is possible in which Lukashenka’s departure will be accelerated due to a split within the elites under the onslaught of protests, the expert said. “The image of Lukashenka no longer looks sacred, ordinary citizens have lost their fear of power. If an orderly negotiation process does not begin, then many of the president’s entourage will start thinking about their future and looking for their own rescue strategies, ”concluded Makarkin.

Zelensky held a closed meeting on the situation in Belarus

Vladimir Zelensky

In general, there are three scenarios for how the situation in Belarus can develop, Arkady Moshes believes. First, it is possible that the protests will grow and the republic’s security forces will not be able to contain them. In this case, Lukashenka will soon leave. Secondly, the protest may still fizzle out, and in this case, Lukashenka will be able to buy more time.

“Strategically, the current regime in Minsk will still be doomed, but it will be able to exist for several more years – until the next large-scale wave of discontent,” the expert explained. Finally, thirdly, a serious destabilization may occur in the country, in which a network protest will coexist with uncontrolled police actions and the intervention of external forces. According to Moshes, the probability of the first two scenarios is equal, the third scenario is the least likely, but it should not be completely ruled out either.

Polina Khimshiashvili, Evgeny Pudovkin