Angie Lt. Col. Raise a storm of comments with a photographic session without absence … Photos

1/2 2/2 Rana Salah Eddin – Cairo – Hoyada Abusemak Egyptian artist Engi was presented for a new shoot session and published several photos through his personal account at the "Instagram" site. The images were taken by Muhannad Kojak and Angie appeared as a surprising champion, wearing a bright silver dress that brought her to […]

Salma Hayek Block serves to film his new movie … Watch

1/2 2/2 The star and Mexican actress and Lebanese origin Salma Hayek began rolling their role in the events of their new movie "Limited Partners" in Atlanta. It was filmed by Rose Berne and Tiffany Hadish. The 52-year-old international star appeared in a series of photographs during filming, wearing a floral design with a pink […]

Amr Diab retrieves Dina El Sherbini and gives her a new song

Cairo – Lifestyle Artist Amr Diab tried to reconsider the artist Al-Sherbini after spreading pioneers from social networking sites a video to prevent actress Dina Al-Sherbini from accompanying Amr Diab on the stage of "Wembley" in "London "By order of one of the members of the English security, Amr Diab accompanied Dina El Sherbini with […]

Cornwall was practically shut off after the A30 closure, the closure of the Dawlish and Torpoint Ferry line – Cornwall Live

Cornwall has been mistreated by the weather today and is ready to continue well in the evening and tomorrow morning. Now the country is practically cut off with the affected transport links to the left, right and center. The A30 east has been closed since last night after a huge fire truck. The road had […]

Political analyst commented on the resignation of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine

Ukrainian political analyst Mikhail Pogrebinsky commented on the radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda" a statement from the country's attorney general, Yury Lutsenko, about his resignation. According to the expert, the decision of the head of the supervisory authority can be a political maneuver. Pogrebinsky notes that the declaration of Lutsenko will come into force only if the […]

Fitch reduces the chances of Naftogaz Ukrainy obtaining 2.56 trillion dollars in a lawsuit against Gazprom

The international rating agency Fitch fairly low estimates the chances that Naftogaz of Ukraine obtains $ 2.6 billion in a lawsuit against Russian Gazprom. In particular, Fitch has assigned a preliminary rating of B-Naftogaz eurobonds, which will be issued in the form of credit notes. This indicator typically characterizes high risk liabilities. Fitch explained his […]

Search … Salma Hayek with a new look with the launch of “Limited Partners”

Cairo – By Mohamed Salah – Tuesday, November 6, 2018 2:40 p.m. – The international star Salma Hayek began to roll his role in the production of his new movie "Limited Partners" in Atlanta. It was filmed by several scenes of Rose Berne and Tiffany Hadish. . Salma Hayek, a 52-year-old photographer, appeared wearing a […]

Here Shiha reveals the date of her wedding to Ahmed Flux

1/2 2/2 Rana Salah Eddin – Cairo – Followed by Gulf 365 The Egyptian artist celebrated here Sheha celebrated the wedding of her marriage with Ahmed Flux on October 21. The ceremony was attended by sisters here and their parents and father of Farouk Flow artist Ahmed Flux. Where she said, in press statements, that […]

Nancy Ajram lights the dance and singing night of Las Vegas

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram performed a great concert on her American tour, specifically in one of the main hotels in Las Vegas, between a large audience of Arab communities. Nancy, during the ceremony, starred in a short and loose silver dress to hide the characteristics of her pregnancy and presented some of her most famous […]

You see the final verdict in the case of Hanadi al-Kandari after being accused of insulting a policeman

1/2 2/2 Amir Fathi wrote on Monday, November 5, 2018 12:46 – The final trial in the case of Hanadi al-Kandari after he was charged with insulting a policeman about a year later on charges of insulting a policeman by posting a video who was mistreated. The Supreme Court of Kuwait acquitted the Kuwaiti actress […]