Advantages of using a smart watch to return to exercise | Trends

Returning to sports is not always an easy task, and even more so after 5 months of confinement, times of obesity, stress, anxiety, among others. They are reasons for people to seek to have control of their health and lifestyle in their hands each time.

(How to choose the best smartwatch for you?).

However, one must think about the best device that is the ideal ally, to return and resume life after the pandemic. One of them are smart watches, the use of these devices makes it easier for people to achieve their fitness goals, which allows them a significant increase in the efficiency of their exercise routines, sleep control, monitor calorie burning and performance, monitor heart rate and collect useful data for the user’s health, among many other possibilities.

For this reason, Linki, the only Colombian virtual store specialized in smart watches, offers the following advantages to take into account when using a smartwatch to return to exercise:

• Guarantee and complete experience:
To resume exercise, it is essential to know what sports activity is going to be carried out, since advances in technology in watches not only serve us to measure time. Today, these devices are capable of helping to become more health conscious and even allow users to detect diseases. These are some of the benefits of acquiring a watch or a smart band, reasons why the use of these devices has become popular worldwide.

In this sense, watches such as those of the Coros Vertix brand, are perfect for running, cycling, climbing and other activities that are safer and more efficient for all explorers. These devices boast more than 45 days of battery life in regular use and more than 60 hours of battery life in full GPS mode, giving you nearly twice the battery life of the latest, most powerful watch. From the market.

• Duration extended all day: One of the most important characteristics to take into account when doing any sport is to have all the information on the weak points in which it is necessary to improve, as well as the strong points that people have, all in order to control training and setting new goals for the future, always taking care of health and well-being.

Watches like Polar’s are designed with the latest sports technology with the lightest design. A complete multisport GPS watch for those who want to set new records. This slim and lightweight training companion provides all the data you need to improve performance and durability throughout the day.

• More efficient and better quality: Another advantage of smart watches is the quality of services, they are the most compact and complete devices on the market, ideal for people with healthy habits, as they offer a long battery life, a compact watch with GPS and numerous Multi-sport functions make it easy to track all your workouts and progress.

That is why brands like Suunto 5 are perfect as they have a 24/7 activity log, including steps, calories, stress and sleep. This in order to guarantee that you can enjoy a quality experience, doing any type of sport or reviewing personal information, in a training day.

• Elegance and technological innovation. One of the most important peculiarities when having a smartwatch is the technological innovation that it may have, since music, maps, rhythm monitoring and more can be added to workouts. In addition, they have power managers that regulate the autonomy of the battery depending on the mode in which the watch is being used. Likewise, stability with functions to satisfy the user’s requirement and that adapt to each need and lifestyle.

That is why brands such as Garmin Fénix are ideal devices, since they are more elegant sports watches, they are perfect for multisport lovers, smaller watches that can withstand everything since they resist water and have materials that protect the device, too. They give the feeling of lightness ideal for any activity. In addition, they have access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPS, the latter essential as it allows you to locate, measure distances, speed and pace.

Currently, there is no better complement than a smart watch, since it is a perfect complement that followed its own technological development and, thanks to its focus on the wrist, it has become the sports gadget par excellence, since it can read the heart rate. and turn it into very complete statistics on physical activity.

It is also important to research a place that allows you to find several options, in this way, The virtual store is a specialized place that was born to meet the needs of the market, positioning itself in the digital world with more than 80 thousand visits and online sales for more than 110 million pesos, offering consumers the best brands of quality smart watches , prices and variety of references.


Oncologist Smirnova named foods that improve bowel function

Oncologist, surgeon Elena Smirnova revealed a list of foods that improve digestion, normalize microflora and improve the digestive tract. They are also able to prevent the development of colorectal cancer. This is reported by “Medical Note”.

First of all, according to the doctor, probiotics and prebiotics should be present in the food.

Probiotics are living microorganisms that can improve motility and help burn fat. Additives are found in kefir, cheeses, yoghurts and fermented baked milk. People, whose body assimilates these foods without any problems, is recommended to consume them up to 200 ml per day.

Prebiotics are the dietary fiber that probiotics feed on. They are found in bran, dairy products, cereals, vegetables and fruits.

Whole grains have a positive effect on the intestines. These are buckwheat, corn, brown rice, bulgur, wheat. These foods contain significant amounts of fiber, carbohydrates and proteins. These components affect the growth of bacteria beneficial to the body.

The doctor also recommended using kombucha. When processed, polyunsaturated fatty acids are formed in it, which have a positive effect on digestion.

However, it is advisable to consume broccoli. The vegetable prevents the development of gastritis and reduces inflammation in the digestive tract.

Finally, Elena advised to turn to the use of turmeric. This spice helps to improve the condition of the mucous membrane and normalizes the digestive tract.


After the celebration of a mass, there are 16 infected with coronavirus and 900 isolated in Córdoba

At least 16 people who attended a mass last week in the Cordoba town of Justiniano Posse they tested positive in coronavirus and 900 others, among those attending that celebration and close contacts, were isolated in a preventive manner, while it is being investigated whether the priest promoted not wearing a mask.


The most beneficial drink for the brain named


17 Sep 2020.

Constant changes in weather conditions and a decrease in daylight hours in autumn adversely affect the functions of the brain. To support the main organ of the central nervous system, German doctors recommend drinking pomegranate juice. It has been called supremely beneficial for improving brain function and protecting against neurological impairment, according to Fit for Fun magazine.

Pomegranate juice lowers cholesterol levels, maintains active brain functions, strengthens the immune system and prevents cardiovascular diseases. It’s all about the high content of polyphenols – a group of secondary plant substances. They are powerful anti-inflammatories and help with diseases affecting the brain.

In a study carried out on laboratory animals, the substances contained in pomegranate have shown a protective effect against neurodegenerative pathologies, including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s diseases. According to experts, daily consumption of pomegranates and pomegranate juice protects gray cells from chronic damaging factors.

Medical evidence suggests that nearly a quarter of all infant deaths are due to hypoxic-ischemic damage, which occurs due to restriction of blood flow and oxygen to their brains. However, the use of pomegranate juice by expectant mothers can get rid of this anomaly, and no unforeseen circumstances will arise at the birth of a child.

Formerly LIVE24 reportedthat many people are faced with high blood pressure, which, if not properly treated and lifted, can be fatal. There is systolic and diastolic pressure – this is an indicator at the time of maximum tension of the heart and during its relaxation between beats. With high systolic pressure, the walls of the arteries are under severe stress, which can lead to stretching or even rupture.


A plane carrying drugs registered in the USA was shot down in Venezuela :: Society :: RBC

Фото: @NestorLReverol / Twitter

The Venezuelan military shot down a plane with an American registration number used to transport drugs. About it reported Interior Minister Nestor Reverol on his Twitter page.

The plane flew through the state of Zulia. It transported drugs from Colombia – “the largest producer of cocaine in the world.” The military found the aircraft using radar.

Фото: @NestorLReverol / Twitter

Фото: @NestorLReverol / Twitter

In early July in Venezuela, the military shot down an American plane that entered the country’s airspace illegally. According to the military, it was used to transport drugs. According to Flightradar, this is a Hawker 800 private jet.

In 2013, President Nicolas Maduro allowed shoot down drug traffickers’ planes in Venezuelan airspace. The initiator of the bill was his predecessor, Hugo Chavez.


Foods provoking the appearance of malignant tumors


12 Sep 2020.

Cancer is now the second leading cause of premature death. But contrary to popular belief, cancer is preventable. Moreover, lifestyle and nutrition play an important role in this, Foodnews reports.

Some of the most popular products today contain harmful substances associated with an increased risk of developing malignant tumors. First of all, doctors refer to them as processed meat products.

According to the WHO, this type of meat includes foods that have been processed to improve flavor or extend shelf life, such as canning, salting or smoking. As a result, carcinogenic compounds appear in meat, increasing the risk of developing bowel, prostate and pancreatic cancer.

Experts call refined sugar another enemy of health. According to doctors, it can increase blood glucose levels, while reducing insulin sensitivity and stimulating the growth of cancer cells. Specifically, a type of refined sugar known as high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) has been linked to obesity, colon cancer, and heart disease.

In addition, it is worth excluding the so-called “dietary” foods from your diet. Doctors advise people not to succumb to advertising gimmicks and carefully read the composition of such “healthy” food on the label. Some of them say that there are no calories in the product and there is no sugar. And diet drinks, for example, are no different from regular carbonated or fruit juices, which contain a lot of refined sugar. They also contain an artificial sweetener that can increase the risk of cancer, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Doctors also advise to stop consuming popcorn often, as it causes tumors of the liver, lungs and pancreas, salmon grown on a farm due to the high content of pesticides and antibiotics. In addition, hydrogenated oil will not benefit the body due to trans fats, which seriously increase the risk of heart disease and breast cancer. Canned vegetables and mushrooms are also not useful.

Formerly LIVE24 reportedthat thick blood increases the risk of blood clots forming in blood vessels. However, not many people know that it is possible to thin the blood in the body without the help of medicines.

Experts believe that blood thinning can be achieved with the use of special medications, but their intake is associated with certain consequences for the body. Therefore, experts recommend using other methods – for example, starting to consume ginger. This plant contains gingerol, which, when combined with acids, helps prevent platelet fusion.


Brussels: the use of the car not recommended this Sunday

The 4th edition of the BXL TOUR, a cycling race in the streets of the capital, will result in the closure of several axes and tunnels.

Che Sunday, September 13 will take place the 4th edition of the BXL TOUR, a cycling race in the streets of the capital. Several axes and places will be temporarily closed to traffic between 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. The use of the car is strongly discouraged.

The tunnels in the inner ring will remain accessible, but some axes will be closed: a portion of the Boulevard du Centenaire, the Place des Palais, the rue Ducale, the rue and the Belliard tunnel, the avenue de Tervuren , Boulevard du Souverain, Boulevard Général Jacques, Boulevard A. Reyers, and Boulevard du Lambermont. The complete list is available on the website of



Fast and Furious: They sell the Mustang that Vin Diesel used in the last movie

It is estimated that the auto It will sell for about $ 75,000.

Mustang Match 1.jpg

It’s about a Ford Mustang Mach 1, belonging to Vin Diesel, which was used for the filming of Fast and Furious 9 and also the spin off Hobbs & Shaw.

Manufactured in 1971, it is one of the most recognized models in the history of the American brand. The car after being used was taken to an official workshop in Los Angeles for restoration.

“Anyone who drives this car will notice that it starts, feels, drives and smells like it just left the dealership. Everything in terms of vinyls, parts, stickers and details was carried out at the Ford dealer to achieve a very complete and correct restoration ”, describes the vehicle’s sale notice.

The work carried out by those responsible for the workshop shows how the Ford Mustang of Fast and Furious It was impeccable and as if it had just left the factory. It was sought to preserve every detail to keep all the original details.

Mustang Match 1.jpg

It is a Ford Mustang Mach 1, belonging to Vin Diesel, which was used for the filming of Fast and Furious 9 and also the spin off Hobbs & Shaw.

It’s about a Ford Mustang Mach 1, belonging to Vin Diesel, which was used for the filming of Fast and Furious 9 and also the spin off Hobbs & Shaw.

As seen in the photos, the green color, with black details, has inside the seats that have a red color, which combine the door panels and the dashboard.

The mechanics are made up of a V8 Cobra Jet 429 naturally aspirated engine with 7.0 liters of 375 horsepower and 610 Nm of maximum torque.

“The wiring, the air conditioning and all the little details are changed and are working properly. A beautiful car by any standard and an excellent representation of the 71 ″ Mustang Mach 1, the ad highlights.

FAST AND FURIOUS 9 Trailer (2020).mp4


Health: Can I use a face shield instead of a mask?

DRAFTING.- Can I use a screen facial instead of a mask?

No. The authorities of Health They do not recommend clear plastic shields as a substitute for face masks due to a lack of research on whether they prevent an infected person from spreading the droplets that carry the coronavirus.

However, those who want additional protection can use it in addition to the mask.

Face shields have the added benefit of protecting the eyes and preventing touching the face by acting as a physical barrier, said Christopher Sulmonte, project manager for the biocontainment unit at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

The research available so far indicates that the best face shields to prevent the spread of the virus are those that wear a hood or are taped to both sides and below the face, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. . This is because they leave less room for droplets that are produced by coughing, sneezing, or talking to escape.

If you use a reusable face shield in addition to your mask, the CDC recalls that it is important to clean it after each one. In addition, it recommends washing your hands before and after placing it and avoiding touching your face when removing it.

SOURCE: With AP information


removal and recall of Suzi Wan sauces

The Mars Food company must proceed with the withdrawal and preventive recall “Certain batches of Suzi Wan sauces”, spring rolls or soya in particular, because of the “Possible presence of small fragments of glass”, a “Isolated incident” which only concerns certain products, he assures us.

Mars Food “Works in conjunction with its distribution partners to remove the products concerned from the shelves and recommends that its consumers check whether they are in possession of Suzi Wan products displayed on their packaging” certain dates of minimum durability (DDM).

“An isolated incident”

Consumers in possession of a product concerned can contact Mars Food at the address or the toll-free number 0805.036.030, specifies the company, which invokes a “Isolated incident which does not concern any other product of the Suzi Wan brand in France”.

The products concerned:

Spring roll sauce in 125 ml format, with a DDM between 03/12/2021 and 11/01/2022.

Nuoc Mam sauce in 125 ml format, whose MDD is between 05/13/2022 and 07/11/2022.

Soy sauce in 125 ml format, with a DDM between 05/16/2022 and 08/12/2022.

Light soy sauce in 125 ml format, with a DDM between 05/22/2022 and 08/11/2022.

Sweet soy sauce in the 125 ml format, with a DDM between 05/18/2022 and 07/08/2022.

Soy sauce in 137.5 ml format with a DDM between 05/16/2022 and 07/12/2022.

SW Nuoc Mam sauce in 137.5 ml format with a DDM between 05/17/2022 and 06/08/2022.

Sweet soy sauce in 137.5 ml format with a DDM between 05/17/2022 and 07/13/2022.

Spring roll sauce in 137.5 ml format with a DDM between 16/11/2021 and 12/01/2022.

Organic soy sauce in 125 ml format with an MDD of 06/27/2022.