In Russia, 80 forest fires were extinguished per day :: Society :: RBC

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Over the past day, 80 forest fires were extinguished in Russia. This is reported by Forest Protection, RIA Novosti reports.

The total area of ​​extinguished forests amounted to 2113 ha. As of midnight on June 29, 246 forest fires were recorded in the country on an area of ​​more than 165 thousand hectares. All these fires are actively extinguished.

The most serious situation with forest fires is now in Chukotka – there are 14 outbreaks registered there, the fire spread over an area of ​​more than 41 thousand hectares.

The media learned about the plan of the Ministry of Natural Resources to reduce forest fire control zones

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Earlier in June, it became known that the Ministry of Natural Resources was proposing to reduce the so-called control zones – the territory of the forest, where regional authorities were allowed not to put out fires due to inaccessibility. Last summer, these sites accounted for 90% of all forest fires in the country.


Ministry of Labor explained payments to citizens from July 1 as a “technical algorithm” :: Society :: RBC

Earlier Sunday, published a video featuring a person who looked like the head of the Russian Pension Fund (PFR) Maxim Topilin. In the video, he gives instructions to prepare all appointments and payments by June 30, because “[известно], what <...> the first day will happen. “

According to him, the treasury and banks Sberbank and VTB will be involved in this process, and payments will begin at 5:00 local time on July 1.

RBC sent inquiries to the Pension Fund and the Central Election Commission.

In Sberbank, RBC said that they were ready to make payments and will begin transferring upon receipt of payment documents from the FIU. As part of the first payment, the bank made about 18.7 million payments, the number of recipients of the second payment is expected to be comparable, the bank noted.

VTB explained that they are a technical agent for crediting one-time state payments, and advised them to contact the FIU for more information on the timing and volume of payments.

A one-time payment for children from three to 16 years old was established by President Vladimir Putin. He announced this during his address to the Russians on May 11. The size of the payment is 10 thousand rubles. To receive it, it was necessary to apply to the Pension Fund or leave an application through the State Services portal.

During his appeal on June 23, the president suggested repeating the payment and including children under three in it. The upper limit for receiving payment remained the age of 16 years.

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The Ministry of Defense published a video of the interception of US aircraft over the Black Sea :: Politics :: RBC

The Russian Ministry of Defense has published a video of a Russian fighter intercepting US Air Force aircraft over the neutral waters of the Black Sea.

US Air Force planes near the Russian air border were discovered on June 26. They were identified as the R-8A Poseidon patrol aircraft, the RC-135 strategic reconnaissance aircraft, and the KS-135 refueling aircraft. To intercept the targets, the military lifted a Su-30 fighter of the Black Sea Fleet naval aviation from the air defense duty forces of the Southern Military District.

The previous incident with the interception of American aircraft near the borders of Russia occurred on June 19, when the Ministry of Defense published a video of the interception of American B-52H bombers over the neutral waters of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.


The school, in the week the guidelines for the return to September – the Chronicle

Will arrive between Wednesday and Thursday, the all-clear on the guidelines for the return to school in September. Immediately after the regional tables will begin to work together with schools. In the meantime, in these days, is continued between the Ministry, Regions and local Authorities in the exchange of data and documentation.
“We are waiting for the text from the ministry – explains the BEND Cristina Grieco, coordinator of the Education Commission of the Conference of the Regions – we will examine it and in the extraordinary Conference that will be held probably Thursday, we will give the opinion. Our intention is to find an agreement”.
In that site you will also decide the date of return to school that will most likely be on the 14th of September. “It is the most pleasing to everyone, even if there are rumors to the contrary. We will ask however, that you have less disruption as possible in schools where there will be elections. It would be important to find other locations for the polling stations, even for the future. The collaboration is at its maximum, the game is very important.”

THE REGIONS. “Really, this week will be crucial: we do not want conflicts; respect for the school we need to work together to give certainty on how to share the spirit this is and never has been our intention to enter into a collision course, but, if anything, we want to work with a constructive spirit”. So Cristina Grieco, coordinator of the Education commission at the Conference of the Regions. The Regions have advanced some proposals regarding the recovery in September, “I think the ministry of Education is expecting an additional step with the scientific and technical Committee, which must endorse the lines”, says Grieco, who explains: “it is urgent to know when and how we start again in September.” At the same time, the Regions on Thursday, before the Conference of the Regions and then in the State and the Regions will agree on the date of the beginning of the school that the minister for Jay in recent days has proposed to take away the 14th of September. “For my Region, Tuscany, that’s okay, “explains Grieco – we had already established the school calendar and the shooting on the 15th of September; it’s also good to the majority of the presidents also if there is any entry to the contrary, concerned above all by the idea of having to start the lessons and then breaking them because of the regional elections”. With regards to the distance, on the basis of the indications of Cts the Regions have been proposed to give an objective indication of the distancing of pupils who could be of assistance to principals and local administrators: a generic linear meter of distance Regions offer a surface area of 1.8 square meters, in order to identify speed critical situations; they propose, among other things, the use of masks only for travel, not when the guys are sitting in class.

DEANSIn at least 40% of the school classrooms is virtually impossible to maintain a spacing of one metre between the benches: for this reason it is urgent to come to a knowledge of the guidelines to understand what to do for September, you can procrastinate the wait. To say the BEND is Antonello Giannelli, president of the national Association of headteachers. “According to our calculations, a significant percentage of the classes the material is not physically possible for the size of classrooms and number of students. What do we do then in these cases? This is the main question which should meet the guidelines,” says Giannelli.