Speed ​​wagon from VW Arteon: Independent renderings published

The shooting break body combines the versatility of a station wagon with the speed of a sports car.

Volkswagen Arteon in the body of shooting break. Photo: Facebook

Volkswagen Arteon, the flagship model of the brand, is sold in a five-door liftback format. Designers of the studio X-Tomi Design have published independent renderings of the speed wagon from VW Arteon.

The car is distinguished by a long body, as for a station wagon. At the beginning of the last century, models such as shooting break were intended for hunters and allowed accommodating guns and equipment, and therefore the trunk of such a car is still large.

Volkswagen Arteon in the body of shooting break. Photo: Facebook

Nowadays, models of such cars are distinguished by a sloping shape of the roof at the back, which hints at the sporting spirit and refers to the coupe bodies. A similar solution can be seen on this Volkswagen Arteon – a sloping roof improves aerodynamics, which is important for a car aimed at speed.

The author of the renderings also introduced the three-door version of the Volkswagen Arteon speed wagon, which has even more in common with the coupe body.

Three-door Volkswagen Arteon in the back of a shooting break. Photo: Facebook

Unfortunately, the German developers did not report plans to release “Arteon” in a similar body. Today in Russia you can buy a VW Arteon liftback, and the cost of the model starts from an impressive mark of 2.64 million rubles.

Station wagon The Beast. Photo: carakoom

By the way, the most famous car in the body of shooting break is the American “monster” The Beast – under the hood there is a 27-liter 800-horsepower aircraft engine that accelerates the car to 300 km / h.


The Ministry of Health announced Russia’s readiness to supply the COVID-19 vaccine to the world market

From the very beginning of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Russia has been supporting countries in Europe, America and Asia, as well as international institutions and the World Health Organization, said Health Minister Mikhail Murashko.

“Taking into account the risk of the second wave of the pandemic, Russia is ready to supply direct antiviral agents to the world market, including drugs for the treatment of the cytokine storm (a potentially life-threatening reaction of the immune system that occurs also with infectious diseases .—” “B”), test systems and vaccines, ”Mr. Murashko said at the summit“ The global goal is to unite for the future ”(quote from TASS).

The Minister also called on the world community to coordinate research and production of medical products. Russia is ready for dialogue with the international community, he added.

In Russia, two drugs for the treatment of coronavirus are now approved. The first drug (avifavir) was approved in May, the second (arelivir) in June. Vaccine development in the country is still ongoing. Her clinical trials are underway. The Ministry of Health expects the appearance of a vaccine in late July.

How the whole world is searching for a vaccine and the means for its development – in the material “b” “In war, all money is good.”