Covid-19 could lead to an increase in Parkinson’s disease

Should we fear a “silent wave” of neurological pathologies following the coronavirus epidemic ? In any case, this is what several neuroscientists from the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, in Australia, believe. They highlight the potential link between Covid-19 and an increased risk of Parkinson’s disease, according to scientific media Trust my science .

At the start of the summer, several studies agreed that the coronavirus caused severe brain damage in some cases. But this time, Australian researchers are going one step further by determining what kind of disease it could eventually lead to.

Twice as many Parkinson’s cases by 2040?

In an article, published in the Journal of Parkinson’s Disease, these neuroscientists suggest that the “third wave” of the pandemic will not take the form of a resurgence of infections, but rather, an increase in cases of this neurological disease. Researchers predict that the number of people affected by Parkinson’s disease could double by 2040 in Australia.

Why ? It is believed to be the result of neuroinflammation triggered in the brain as an immune response to SARS-CoV-2. Note that to date, there is no hard evidence to confirm this upcoming trend, but experts believe it would be good to prepare for this eventuality to better cope with it.

The phenomenon has already occurred, following the Spanish flu of 1918: at the time, the brain inflammation linked to the pandemic had then increased the risk of parkinsonism by two to three times.


Dollar today | Price of the dollar today in Colombia September 21, 2020 | Finance | Economy


The US currency rose on Monday in the Colombian market. See how was their behavior on the day.

The dollar in Colombia starts the week with a strong rise in the market.



September 21, 2020 – 08:38 am



The dollar in Colombia started the week with a strong rise in the market. According to the Stock Market, the foreign currency appreciated 65 pesos on Monday.

At the close of the session, The US currency is trading at an average price of $ 3,790. The TRM of the day for today was $ 3,725. The minimum price is $ 3,773 and the maximum is $ 3,802.

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the social tariff for electricity and gas up sharply on October 1

We recently revealed to you that the number of customers protected in terms of energy (electricity and gas) continued to increase. And even to explode in Wallonia. They are nearly 185,000 for electricity and well over 90,000 for gas. These protected customers benefit from what is called the social tariff, which reduces the bill by up to 42% for electricity and 46% for gas.

►A bad surprise for these customers: prices will increase sharply on October 1st.

These rates are now reviewed every three months, instead of six months before.


Coronavirus: the average number of daily infections reaches 778 cases, the upward trend persists

Lhe average number of coronavirus contaminations per day reached 778.9 cases between September 6 and 12 in Belgium, an increase of 52%, according to the latest update of the Institute’s dashboard on Wednesday of public health, Sciensano.

The upward trend persists in Belgium. In total, the number of cases recorded in Belgium now stands at 94,795.

In addition, there were an average of 31.4 hospital admissions per day between September 8 and September 14, an increase of 13 admissions from the previous period. This brings the total admissions since the start of the epidemic to 19,393.

Deaths are relatively stable at 2.9 per day on average between September 6 and 12, for a total of 9,930.

Finally, the contamination rate per 100,000 inhabitants rises to 78.6 (+ 37%).


Covid-19. Experts fear an increase in suicides in case of second wave of the virus

Should we fear a wave of suicides in the event of a second wave of coronavirus ? This is the question raised by experts, such as Michel Debout, psychiatrist and professor of forensic medicine, specialist in suicide prevention.

In the columns of Echoes, this Thursday, September 10, 2020, the doctor calls back “The link between economic crisis and suicide. It is indisputable, it was documented as early as the 1929 crisis, and more recently during the 2008 crisis. One health crisis should not hide another, he adds. And this could have devastating consequences not on the elderly, but on active workers ”.

Containment has left its mark. And the economic repercussions are felt. Tuesday September 8, boat builder Beneteau announced, for example, the possible cut of 1,390 jobs because of the health crisis.

“A wave of bankruptcies”

Last June, the Minister of the Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire predicted “A wave of bankruptcies, a wave of very violent difficulties on the employment front” to come up. He mentioned the elimination of 800,000 jobs and 10% unemployment for this year. These figures are not very encouraging and which could worsen in the event of a second wave of Covid-19.

Also in June, the National Suicide Observatory pleaded for the establishment of a committee on the risk of suicide in this context of health and economic crisis. in his report. So far, it has not been implemented.


An increase in the pensions of the self-employed on the agenda of the Vivaldi-Avanti coalition

Currently, a “correction coefficient” is in force in the calculation of pensions for the self-employed. And it lowers the level of the amount paid. However, it dates from the 1980s, and it is now outdated.

According to L’Echo, the note of the preformers would provide to remove this “correction coefficient”. And the Vivaldi project does not plan to offset this cost by increasing contributions for the self-employed. This would therefore be equivalent to an increase in the amount of pensions.


Dollar today | Price of the dollar today in Colombia September 7, 2020 | Finance | Economy

After the dollar closed last week with a weekly loss of 56 pesos, the US currency began a new week on the rise, appreciating 12 pesos this Monday.

The American currency it closed at an average price of $ 3,714 in the first session of the week. The TRM for the day was $ 3,702.

The last week, the foreign currency had a strong correction, after a long period of increases. This correction, the analysts explain, has had to do with the loss of the strength of the dollar at the global level against the basket of emerging currencies such as the Colombian peso.


Freixenet closed in 2019 the best year of the last decade | Companies

The Freixenet group closed last year with significant growth in its profit figures. According to the balance sheet of the Catalan cava and wine manufacturer, the activity of its operations reported a total of 12.4 million euros of net profit, which the shareholders decided to fully increase their reserves.

The figure represents an important growth compared to the positive results it reaped in 2018, which the same document cited, figures at 7.9 million euros. And all this with global revenues in 2019 of 170 million euros, compared to the 147.1 million that the company managed to achieve in 2018.

According to the Catalan firm’s report, the figures for one year and the other are not comparable because in 2018 the company decided to change the year-end of the companies that make up the Freixenet group from April 30 to December 31, by which compares an eight-month exercise with another 12. However, the company assures that both operating results and profit before taxes “have been the best in the company in the last decade.” This circumstance was undoubtedly helped by the fact that in that year the company decided to divest itself, in May 2019, of the companies Solar Viejo, Valdubón and Freixenet Argentina, which were sold to one of the company’s shareholders (Grupo Ferrer Miranda ), which paid a total of 16.8 million euros, an operation that generated a profit of 3.5 million euros.

The company ensures that the sale on July 31, 2018 of 51% of Freixenet to the German group Henkell, “has had an impact on society at all levels.” Thus, it acknowledges that during the year a profound process of simplification of the company’s structure was carried out, merging by absorption several subsidiaries of the group with a low level of activity. And also culminating “the 50% joint venture process with Henkell’s company in the US, Mioneto.”

The company admits, of course, that it has a serious problem with the payment term to its suppliers, which amounts to 73.8 days on average, clearly above the legal limit set by law. Therefore, the company ensures that it is preparing to implement corrective measures and a tighter payment system to be able to comply with the law.

Like many of the companies, the Freixenet board recognizes that it is “extremely difficult to predict the effects derived from Covid-19 for the current financial year 2020.” And it reveals that its central strategy is “to guarantee the supply of the markets to the maximum and to maximize the reduction of spending items”.

To achieve this, the situation has made it necessary to reduce work shifts and to focus the activity on bottling and dispatch of finished products in order to continue supplying the markets and not lose the next Christmas season.

No adjustments derived from the pandemic

Freixenet administrators estimate that the pandemic “will not affect business continuity” and it will not be necessary to “adjust any of the annual accounts”. And the company argues it by explaining the work cycle of its model: “Due to the seasonality of sales, the company has a flexible labor system in which fewer hours are worked from March to June and then recovered in the peak months. activity, starting with the harvest and the Christmas campaign ”. Thus, Freixenet assures that in the months of strong impact of the Covid half of its workforce was on vacation and the other working three days a week, “so most of the activity has been carried out.”


Supermarket spending returns to ‘normal’ after four months on the rise

The grocery shopping returned to normal during the month of July after four months shot by Covid-19According to the figures managed by the consulting firm Nielsen, which is already entering a “new stage” marked by economic difficulties. The data collected by Nielsen Spain they point to a 4.5% increase in supermarket spending in July compared to the same month of the previous year, in line with the increase registered during the first two months of the year, before the pandemic.

This rise contrasts with the spikes experienced between march and june, with increases in spending per week that ranged from el 8 and 72%. According to the consultancy, the covid-19 can be divided into three stages: the collection phase, in March, when the disbursement in the supermarket shot up an average of 29%; he confinement, with an increase of 17%; and the de-escalation, which started at the end of May with increases of around 8%.

The stability observed in July is due to the spending moderation in both packaged and fresh food, especially in the second fortnight. Lthe only exception has been the fruit, which grew by 16% and became the only major category that remained in the double digits.


Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions muestra al Brazil Junior Youth y sus estrellas

Bandai Namco has shown a new video of Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions dedicated to Brazil Junior Youth and the characters Carlos Bara, Luciano Leo, Keizinho and Alberto. The sports title launches on August 28 on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, and is logically based on the manga and anime license, very popular in Spain during the 90s as Oliver and Benji. We also show you the new images of these players.

Carlos Bara is a tough player with pinpoint precision; He is always calm and determined to win every game. Luciano Leo has been a longtime partner of Bara’s midfielder. Keizinho is the team’s goalkeeper, blocking goals acrobatic with great reflexes and flexibility. Finally, Alberto is a defender and captain of the group, a leader who keeps his teammates united, who does not hesitate to go on the offensive if he has the opportunity.

Take your player to the top

Rise of New Champions includes two different story modes: one with the known story of Captain Tsubasa, called Episode: Tsubasa, which collects the most famous moments from the original manga, and the Episode: New Hero where we can create our player to lead the team to glory in a system with role-playing touches where you can improve skills as the plot progresses or make decisions during the dialogues that mark subsequent events.

This custom avatar in Episode: New Hero can also be used in online leagues against the rest of the community, and of course, Rise of New Champions includes online multiplayer to compete in quick one or two versus two matches.

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions Imagen 2