Guanajuatense originally from Cortazar managed to lose almost 40 kilos receiving specialized care in a chronic disease clinic

Guanajuato, Gto. October 7, 2020.- Juan Silva Pérez managed to reduce almost 40 kilos of weight in approximately one year of treatment at the Guanajuato Ministry of Health.

Grateful for the service received, Juan shared his experience and the great satisfaction of this achievement.

A native of the municipality of Cortazar, he began his comprehensive medical care at the CAISES Cortazar where he was referred to the Specialized Medical Unit (UNEME) of Celaya for Chronic Diseases and treatment and follow-up began in September 2019.

Juan refers that previously he felt disabled due to having limited mobility due to his physical condition, since in addition to being morbidly obese, he had an inflammatory process that caused blood clots to form that cause obstructions in the veins of his leg and right foot, in addition to diseases like hypertension and diabetes.

Upon being received as a patient at the UNEME EC in Celaya, he already had a weight loss of approximately five kilos during his care at CAISES Cortazar, however, Juan had not achieved a constant adherence to his treatment or diet.

The multidisciplinary team that received Juan, made up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists and nurses, was the central point to change his attitude and achieve real changes in his life.

Thanks to the patient’s interest in improving his health and the care provided, in a year of treatment Juan has managed to lose 34.5 kilos. What has allowed him to return to his working life and have a better quality of life.

He recognizes that there is still a long way to go, however, he is very clear about the goal and appreciates the service provided so far, which has been free from the beginning and what is planned in the not too distant future for the intervention surgery on his leg.

The 3 UNEMEs in Guanajuato are defined as outpatient care units, which offer specialty and highly specialized services in non-hospitalized settings.

Their objective is to have an institutional care model to attend to people with conditions of overweight, cardiovascular risk and diabetes mellitus, providing them with a comprehensive, interdisciplinary management, based on scientific evidence, best clinical practices and patient expectations.

The specific objectives of the UNEMEs refer to:

– Foster a culture for health among the population that encourages changes in healthy attitudes to reduce risk factors for chronic diseases.

– Carry out and ensure actions to increase the timely detection of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, overweight and obesity in service users and in the population classified at risk.

– Combat and comprehensively control chronic diseases, through the promotion of healthy behaviors and control of specific risks.

– Promote actions that reduce the incidence of chronic non-communicable diseases, to help slow down mortality.

– Carry out the monitoring and control of patients detected with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, overweight and obesity in order to lead them to a healthy life.

The Services that will be provided in the Chronic Disease Medical Specialties Units are:

– Detection and control of overweight, cardiovascular risk and diabetes mellitus.

– Nutrition counseling

– Attention to eating disorders

– Actions in schools: diagnosis and treatment of overweight and obesity in children and adolescents.

– Comprehensive treatment of overweight, cardiovascular risk and diabetes mellitus

– Prevention and treatment of some complications and sequelae of diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension and dyslipidemia.


Belarus, Tikhanovskaya: ‘Ready to protest for years if necessary’ – Politics

“Against the backdrop of the political-military situation that is evolving around Belarus, the president decided to hold Phase 2 of the exercise” called ‘Slav Brotherhood 2020’. This was announced by the Belarusian Ministry of Defense. “The operations will involve about 6,000 soldiers and more than 500 military vehicles, including 1,000 soldiers and 100 vehicles of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation“, he added.

Yesterday the Minsk police have arrested 442 protesters for violation of the law on gatherings. This was stated by the spokeswoman of the Ministry of the Interior, Olga Chemodanova. Today in Brussels the EU foreign ministers met Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, leader of the Belarusian opposition. ‘It is not interference in internal affairs. Democracy and human rights are at the heart of the EU’s identity, “said High Representative Josep Borrell.

“We will continue to protest for weeks, months, even years if necessary. We will no longer be hostages of Lukashenko, we will no longer live in his prisons, we will no longer return to the state we have lived in for twenty-six years. “So Tikhanovskaya, in a hearing in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the EU Parliament.” When you look at me and all these. people you must understand that for twenty-six years we have lived in dictatorship, we have been afraid every day “, he added.” It is not a geo-political revolution, for or against Russia or for or against the EU. It is a democratic revolution for Belarus “, he stressed.

Then he asked “the entire international community to not accept Lukashenko’s legitimacy because it is not legitimate in the eyes of the Belarusian people. They stole our votes during the elections. ”