Belarus Ministry of Internal Affairs starts checking another rival of Lukashenko :: Politics :: RBC

At the headquarters of Tsepkalo, they answered that there was already a court decision on this issue, which Iggeji did not dispute. The structures affiliated with it were generally forbidden to engage in construction in Belarus due to numerous violations. “Not a single object was completed to the end and was not transferred in the prescribed manner to the customer. Dozens of legal proceedings have taken place or are ongoing in all facilities, ”the headquarters noted. “We can only guess about the motives of the current statement of Mr. Iggeji. We are carefully studying the situation regarding the possibility of filing a lawsuit against Mr. Igdeji for the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation as a result of the dissemination of false information, ”said Tepkalo at the headquarters.

Tsepkalo became the last remaining free representative of the “big opposition three” rivals of Alexander Lukashenko in the August presidential election. Two other members, blogger Sergei Tikhanovsky and former head of Belgazprombank Viktor Babariko, have already been detained. In an interview with RBC, Tsepkalo did not rule out that something similar could happen to him, but assured: “We are simply moving in the political process, doing what is allowed to be done in accordance with the Constitution and the electoral legislation of our country.”

On June 24, Tsepkalo announced that he had handed over 160 thousand signatures to the Central Election Commission with the required 100 thousand. Registration of candidates for the presidential elections, which will be held on August 9, is scheduled for July 5-14.

RBC sent a request to the representative of Valery Tsepkalo.


The CEC threatened to re-voted a Russian woman in Israel with a case :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Sergey Bobylev / TASS

A Russian citizen in Israel, who announced a second vote on constitutional amendments, faces criminal liability. This was announced to Interfax by the secretary of the CEC of Russia, Maya Grishina.

“The legislator criminalized double voting. In this situation, our esteemed citizen, who decided to abuse the right, faces criminal prosecution, ”she said.

Grishina explained that Russians can vote abroad only upon the fact of their appearance at the polling station. Now there is no single electronic system, so the CEC relies only on the integrity of voters. However, the election commission allows cases where Russian citizens may abuse their right to vote in several polling stations or in another country. “In connection with this, for the purposes of prevention, criminal liability was envisaged – and there is the very insurance against this to happen,” the CEC secretary emphasized.

The CEC promised sanctions for twice voted Lobkova

Pavel Lobkov

She also added that re-voting could be revealed after summing up during the analytical verification.


Shortened work week begins in Russia :: Society :: RBC

A shorter work week has begun in Russia. Wednesday, July 1, will be a day off due to a vote on constitutional amendments. Thus, the Russians will work on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Initially, a vote was scheduled for April 22, but at the end of March, due to the coronavirus epidemic, it was decided to postpone the procedure indefinitely.

On June 1, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on a new voting date, which was chosen on July 1. The vote itself began on June 25, the upcoming Wednesday will be his last day. The head of state declared this date a day off.

Rostrud reminded of increased payment on the day of voting on the Constitution

Rostrud then said that employees working on July 1 should receive higher wages for that day.


Power supply restored after Norilsk fire in substation :: Society :: RBC

In Norilsk, electricity was restored to residents and to the observator after a fire at a substation. This is stated in the operational report of the Ministry of Energy.

“At 19:06, after drying and repairing the equipment, the 35 kV substation GPP-36 was included in the work. At 19:27, voltage was applied to all consumers, ”the department said.

Earlier, the Ministry of Energy reported that on the morning of June 28, the roof of the building ignited at the NTEK energy company, which is owned by Norilsk Nickel.

Some residents of Norilsk and the observatory were left without electricity

Calculations of the Ministry of Emergencies and the departmental fire department of Norilsk Nickel arrived at the scene. As a result of the fire, the substation equipment was flooded. As a result, the residents of the city and the observatory were left without power supply, where citizens arriving in Norilsk are placed in quarantine.


Foreigners canceling a visit to Russia will be reissued for free visa :: Society :: RBC

Foreign citizens who in March this year issued a visa to visit Russia, but canceled the visit due to the coronavirus pandemic, will be able to reissue it for free. This was stated in an interview to Kommersant by the Deputy Foreign Minister, State Secretary Yevgeny Ivanov.

According to him, Russian laws do not allow to extend a visa if it is issued. but not used because the visa is a document with a limited validity period. But ignoring the issue of canceling visits and expiring visas would be wrong.

“The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers it possible to offer foreign citizens who have canceled their trips to Russia, despite previously issued single or double entry visas, the validity of which began in mid-March, to apply for new visas of the same multiplicity for free,” Ivanov said.

Russia and Belarus signed an agreement on mutual recognition of visas

The deputy minister noted that it would be possible to draw up documents for entry into Russia free of charge within six months from the date of lifting restrictions on entry in the country. To do this, foreigners will need to provide documents confirming their right to obtain a visa for a new term.


Zelensky on the Constitution Day of Ukraine called the wrong number of regions :: Politics :: RBC

Vladimir Zelensky


President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky during an appeal to citizens on the occasion of a public holiday – Constitution Day, said that there are 25 regions in Ukraine. The text of the appeal is published on the website of the Ukrainian leader.

“You know, now I am in the Kherson region. This is a beautiful and picturesque region. And we are very lucky, because in our country there are 25 of them, ”he said.

According to article 133 of the Constitution of Ukraine, the country includes 24 regions, as well as the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (the peninsula has become Russian, but Kiev does not recognize this) and the cities of Kiev and Sevastopol with special status.

Klishas explained the impossibility of returning Crimea after the adoption of amendments

Andrei Klishas

In his address, the President of Ukraine noted that “the best country is exactly where we were born.” He recalled that Ukraine is a sovereign democratic rule of law, as well as an “incredibly beautiful and delightful” country, and urged it to be protected.


Mondragone: pro-Salvini banner from quarantined building – Campania

Leader League on Monday and Tuesday in the Caserta area

(ANSA) – MONDRAGONE, JUNE 27 – A banner with the words “Salvini put order, it takes balls” was dropped today by one of the five quarantined buildings in Mondragone (Caserta), after the discovery of a covid outbreak 19. The leader of the League will be in Mondragone on Monday, to meet citizens and the media: the appointment is at 6 pm at the gazebo set up near the ‘red zone’. Afterwards, an ‘aperitif with Salvini’ announced in a bar on the seafront and then a dinner with supporters in Santa Maria Capua Vetere. The next morning, ‘breakfast with Salvini’ in a cafe in Castel Volturno.