“Europe must think about its health independence”

La Croix: Should we fear a shortage of medicines in France? Frédéric Collet: We are working in real time with the health authorities, in complete transparency, at the same time on the availability of drugs, production capacities, stock status and possible tensions when they exist. We remain vigilant but we do not see any signs […]

Another love in the “Land of others”

It all started in 1944, when Mathilde met Amine. The Moroccan regiment was stationed in the village of Alsacienne, a few kilometers from Mulhouse, and the young woman had served as a guide for the soldier who was waiting to leave for the East. Mathilde was not particularly pretty, very tall, taller than he, with […]

In Perpignan, Carles Puigdemont counts his supporters among the separatists

It’s almost a homecoming. Carles Puigdemont set foot again, for the first time since his exile in Belgium in 2017, on Catalan lands. In Perpignan (Pyrénées-Orientales), a city nicknamed “capital of Northern Catalonia”, the former regional president held a meeting a few dozen kilometers from the Spanish border that he could not cross. “We knew […]

Can physical activity regenerate neurons? | Science

There is some controversy on this matter. Classically, and due to animal studies that is mainly where this hypothesis has been tested, it was believed that in the young brain, from 0 to 2 years, there was a possibility of neuronal regeneration, that is, what would be known as neurogenesis would occur , the appearance […]