“If necessary, we offer the fan to the man who has a wife and children”

“NWe, the old people, must set an example: do not leave the house, systematically resort to the care indicated to us. Furthermore, when we arrive at the hospital, if necessary, we offer our ventilator to the man who has a wife and children “, Ramalho appealed Eanes in an interview with RTP, This Wednesday, on […]

Samsung Galaxy S20 discovered a hidden function

MOSCOW, April 2 – RIA News. In the smartphones Galaxy S20, the new flagship line of the South Korean company Samsung found a compromise mode hidden for users of the display. The portal distributed relevant information XDA Developers. The mode is reported to allow high-definition images with moderate battery consumption. If this mode is activated, […]

Corona virus live: Merkel would also use the tracking app itself

UN organizations are demanding the release of refugees and migrants In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, four UN organizations have jointly called for the release of all refugees and migrants who would be held in closed facilities or guarded camps. The situation for these people, who are often held in cramped and unsanitary conditions, […]

EU Research Commissioner stirs up hope for vaccine in autumn

Brussels, Frankfurt EU Research Commissioner Mariya Gabriel stokes hope that a coronavirus vaccine will be available quickly. Typically, the approval of a new serum takes twelve to 18 months, she told the Handelsblatt. “But we expect a vaccine to be available on the market much faster, possibly in the fall.” It was a race against […]

Popular Houseparty App Promises Million Dollar Reward To Help Defend Image

With an installation rate up 323% in one month, Houseparty seems to have established itself as the flagship app for remote aperitifs. Owned by Epic Games, the company behind the Fortnite phenomenon, it allows you to play and chat on video with eight friends simultaneously. Practice in full containment. But would the party already come […]

the government is working on applications to track and alert the French

Will France in turn get an application to alert people when they have encountered a Coronavirus patient? The question is asked, without having yet been decided. The government is thinking of setting up an application operating on the same bases as that used in Singapore according to a newspaper information The echoes.Since March 20, the […]

Electronic health record: Ministry of Justice raises concerns

Digitized healthcare New in the cabinet draft is the regulation that the electronic prescription for prescription drugs should be mandatory from 2022. (Photo: Hero Images / Getty Images) Dusseldorf After several months of concerns from the environment of the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection regarding the plans for the electronic patient record, the […]

Woman said she had Covid-19 and spit on people. She was detained in Braga

UA 43-year-old woman was detained this Tuesday morning in Braga for disobedience to the general duty of housekeeping that is in force in the country. The Public Security Police (PSP) learned, “through a telephone call”, that the citizen was causing disturbances inside a bakery on Rua Andrade Corvo. When going to that place, it is […]

Pronote connections increased by 40%

Middle school students, high school students and their teachers, massively converted to distance education. Students sign in to Pronote for homework Le Figaro Home school works! After a few bugs the first few days, college and high school students took the plunge. Daily connections to Pronote have dropped from 10 million before confinement to 14 […]