Large events canceled: That would be the end of the cultural nation Germany as we know it

Wis a “major event”? Is it only valid from 3000 visitors or already from 1000 or less? May the Berliner Philharmoniker hold their season opener in mid-August (including a planned tour to Salzburg, Lucerne and London)? Can the Berlin Music Festival start on August 29? Nobody knows.

In any case, since April 15th to August 31st, the “major events” as a result of the Corona crisis have been officially and legally prohibited in Germany. The opera and concert lover Angela Merkel has not said how this should be interpreted. Does that mean a lockdown of the entire summer festival landscape? And is that finally the remaining season in the theaters canceled?

On the various stage websites you bravely cling to official closing dates until mid or late April, probably without any realism. Behind the scenes, closure or restriction scenarios are being run through until the end of the year. And Professor Jörg Hacker from the Leopoldina does not even speak of a new opening before 2022! That would be the end of the cultural nation Germany, at least as we know it.

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But even if you assume the smallest possible evil, namely the closure until August 31: Do the freelance artists, who are already hard hit anyway, now have to live with at least six months of total income waiver? Orchestras such as choirs and the rest of the theater staff, unlike in Austria, have not yet been working short-time, but those who sell their skin and their names on the front lines on stages and podiums are completely unemployed at home. And among them are truly not only top earners who can afford something like this.

In addition, the promised emergency aid is either already exhausted or does not arrive at all, because in many federal states only operating grants are granted – and the self-employed who live on fees cannot claim them. Only Hartz IV remains for her. Many a singer is now sitting at the Rewe cash register, whether out of necessity or solidarity, it remains to be seen.

Little hope for Aix and Avignon

In France, however, events were generally canceled until mid-July, after which the large, economically significant summer festivals such as Avignon or Aix were canceled. In Aix, it is still hoped that at least three of the co-productions will be ready for streaming around July 14, as they are already planned for the partners in autumn, or that free orchestras such as the Balthasar Neumann Ensemble would be able to provide the much-needed salaries .

It is questionable, of course, whether the “Così fan tutte” director Dmitri Techerniakov from Moscow will be able to arrive where Corona is just starting to rage. And in Paris, the Opéra dreams of trying out its first two “ring” premieres, which have now turned out to be unusual, in August, as a result of the Bayreuth Festival cancellation, many Wagner singers, including conductor Philippe Jordan, now suddenly have time. Then “Rheingold” and “Valkyrie” could be made up for when the whole cycle is played from November.

But these are all just business games. That is why some stages that only wanted to announce their season these days now only publish online brochures, too much is uncertain, canceled productions of these months may still want to be included in the fluid agenda. But even in the pop scene, facts are created: “Rock am Ring” and “Rock im Park” are canceled, as is the heavy metal open air in Wacken in mid-August.

A lot still hangs in the air

In the classical field, Austria is still hoping for Bregenz and Salzburg, who continue to weigh things up. In Salzburg, however, all the scenic productions for the 100th anniversary summer 2020 are supposed to be postponed to 2021, the plan is for an unofficial two-week concert program. The Lucerne Festival is still sticking to its dates, as is the BBC Proms in the Royal Albert Hall from July 17th in the empty English festival calendar – even if hardly anyone expects it.

Much can only be canceled for legal reasons if it is justified by the state, and so many institutions are still hanging in the air with tours and performances, although it is clear that they will not take place. And that’s why there is still no concrete statement from the major German summer concert festivals in Schleswig-Holstein, in the Rheingau or in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which of course all co-finance the smaller ones with the larger events.

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In Austria, prominent singers have joined together to petition the federal government. The signatories’ demands – including Elisabeth Kulman, Tomasz Konieczny and Günther Groissböck: Uniform, legally compliant, Europe-wide regulations for the payment of freelance artists. “Until now we were lone fighters, but now we have to switch the lever to solidarity”, tenor Wolfgang Ablinger-Sperrhacke outlined the idea. Many colleagues are afraid to position themselves publicly against the arbitrariness of the organizers.

Because the default fees are also very different. The well-known baritone Johannes Martin Kränzle has compiled a list. He told the “Münchner Merkur” that the Munich Volkstheater paid 80 percent of the fee for canceled evenings. One hundred percent would transfer the theaters in Hof, Münster, Basel, Copenhagen, London and the Landestheater Niederbayern. Paris paid a partial amount for one performance and for the rest of a series, Darmstadt was there with 50 percent. Other houses, some of which are highly renowned, were also generous. However, they did not want to make this public. As you can see: no coordination, nowhere. And not just when it comes to large events.


Saxophonist Lee Konitz, jazz and improvised music legend, dies of the coronavirus


Konitz has died at the age of 92 due to pneumonia caused by Covid-19

Lee Konitz.

The American saxophonistLee Konitz, a jazz legend and the last surviving member of the team that recorded Miles Davis’ “Birth of the Cool” (1957), has died at the age of 92 due to pneumonia caused by Covid-19.

The death on Wednesday of the artist, who was being treated at New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital, was confirmed by his son Josh to the US public broadcaster, NPR.

Especially known for itsimprovisation skills, Konitz (Chicago, 1927) began musically at the piano as a teenager and developed a career of more than 70 years in which he published more than a hundred albums in his name, until “Prisma” (2018), and in which collaborated in the recording of another infinity of discs with musicians likeChick Corea, Bill Evans or Charles Mingus.

Under that facet, he was one of the nine members of the band that accompaniedMiles Davisbetween 1949 and 1950, whose work led to the aforementioned and emblematic “Birth of the Cool”.

Konitz traveled the world and was distinguished asone of the parents of what is known as “cool jazz”in the 2013 edition of the San Sebastian Jazzaldia festival with the Donostiako Jazzaldia Award.

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Photo festivals in confined version (2)

For most photography festivals, there are scheduling constraints inherent in exhibition venues. Finally, there are the specific production and installation methods for each of the events. Difficult to prepare or rethink the script, the deadlines are short and the partners can also disengage. Some have finally chosen to reduce the volume of exhibitions while maintaining quality programming.

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Pending a decision for the international photography meetings (RIP), a major event for summer photographic events, you can find exhibitions, parties and projections from previous editions in images and videos on the RIP website.

Photo festivals in confined version (2)

Smaller structures, which have the advantage of flexibility, seem to respond more calmly to maintain their programming. The latest of the photographic festivals, Women expose themselves, is expected to hold its rank until August 31 in Houlgate, Normandy. “We are small and everything is relatively stable. The exhibitions are held outdoors throughout the summer without worrying about the calendar, and unless the beach is completely closed, we will be there “, specifies the director Béatrice Tupin. But foreign photographers, including a Haitian resident, will not be able to come to this festival dedicated to women photographers for a third and promising year.

In Vichy, a great first postponed to 2021

Photographic walks of Vendôme have been installed in the landscape for fifteen years. “As long as our partners support us we stay the course, we prepare with the same energy to be ready at the end of July”, announces the artistic director, Odile Andrieu. The program, which combines headliners, newer talents and some nice surprises, will give its audience a little later this summer.

Yes Portrait (s) in Vichy postpones the start of its programming, the wish is to be present this year. For this 8e raised, it loses nothing, neither of its singularity, nor of its quality. The outdoor exhibitions, in particular on the very pleasant esplanade of Lac de l’Allier, will be maintained as soon as the ban ends. The solution that seems to emerge in the usual galleries of the cultural center is the layout of the premises to respect the necessary distance, with an opening probably later. Only downside, this year was the occasion of a great first since a series of exhibitions was to be held in the beautiful space of the convention center. Unfortunately, the technical teams will not be able to install the rails, due to the lack of the necessary equipment. “We keep the series of photos concerned in the same place for 2021”, underlines the festival commissioner Karim Boulhaya.

Facilities in La Gacilly

For the festival of La Gacilly, dedicated this year to the talents of Latin America and whose reputation is well established, local issues are important. In this Morbihan town with nearly 4,000 inhabitants, it is a strong cultural and economic moment with 300,000 visitors expected each year. For Auguste Coudray, the president, ” it will not change anything in our determination to be there, we want to involve local partners in this opening, it is vital for them too. “” Everything will therefore be done to maintain the festival ”, specifies the director Stéphanie Retière. Arrangements, with controlled circulatory flow, are already being studied to preserve the exhibitions, the quality of which is the main subject and the essential reputation of this prestigious festival which runs until October.

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The announcement of the ban on assembly until mid-July, although harsh, has the merit of removing the uncertainty that hovered over it. The decision to maintain a cultural meeting, certainly postponed or postponed, will be for many, organizers, local and public partners, a great opportunity to meet and exchange again in the world after the confinement.


The Annecy Festival, a rich and competitive digital edition

They long believed that the Annecy International Animated Film Festival could be held June 15-21. An edition all the more awaited that it was to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the event. But ” reason and the international situation “Forced its organizers to cancel the 2020 edition. For a time considered, the option of a postponement was ruled out for material reasons.

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The festival occupies many cinemas which must be reserved well in advance, explains Marcel Jean, artistic delegate of the festival. Furthermore, the issue of postponements is very sensitive. The announcement by the Cannes Film Festival that it might be held in late June was a factor in the equation, because it prevented us from postponing by ten days …

The 44th edition of the festival was also to shine a spotlight on African animation cinema. ” However, the coronavirus arrived later in the countries concerned, and African directors would no doubt have had trouble coming “, Emphasizes Marcel Jean.

There will be a prize list in 2020

After first rejecting the idea of ​​a digital edition, the organizers ended up choosing this option. But for Marcel Jean, a digital festival is an oxymoron. ” The festival is a party shared with the public and professionals gathered in the same place and at the same time, he insists. It’s more of an online event that we’re hosting.

The form that this virtual edition will take is still subject to adjustments, on the eve of the announcement, Wednesday April 15, of part of its selection (short films, end of study films, television productions and order films). Marcel Jean confirms that it will be the subject of a competition and will conclude with a prize list.

Because the prices are not only honorary. ” Several partners, such as Sacem and the City of Annecy, donate their prizes. It’s not trivial for the award-winning directors. In addition, in certain countries, such as France and Canada, the selections and prices trigger aid for future productions. The Annecy Crystal is a trophy that also allows its winner to be eligible for the Oscar nomination. The organizers are in discussions with the Academy of American Cinema so that the winners of this new edition will be taken into account.

Maintaining an online edition also has advantages. In Annecy to which thousands of productions, including short films, have been subjected, ” it would be impossible to postpone their selection until next yearsays Marcel Jean. The traffic jam created would disadvantage older films, as they will have already traveled a lot in other festivals. There have also been few withdrawals of short films, with the announcement of this online edition.

A wider audience?

For feature films, whose economy is more complex, withdrawals were more numerous, but can be counted on the fingers of one hand. In two cases, the films could not have been completed on time due to production restrictions. Another producer withdrew his film for fear of piracy but also for rights issues. “ Showing a feature film on the web can make it difficult for its international seller “, Points Marcel Jean. The announcement of feature films is also postponed to the end of April or the beginning of May.

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“Physical” festival accreditations will be refunded, but new ones will be offered at lower prices for the digital event. The platform will give access to finished films but also to the famous “Work in progress”, a behind-the-scenes presentation of an ongoing project. These sessions, taken by storm during the festival, should allow a wider audience to attend. ” A company contacted us to negotiate access to all of its 150 employees “Said Marcel Jean, who announces that the accreditation rules will be clarified by the end of April.

Mickaël Marin, director of the festival, confirms for his part, that the film market which is held at the same time as the festival, will also take place, according to terms which remain to be determined. As for the financial impact, says the director, ” it is too early to say, but we will have to face difficult months or years


the Festival is planning a meeting in another form

Since the announcements of Emmanuel Macron, Monday evening, prohibiting all public demonstrations until July 11, the fate of the Cannes Film Festival like many others seemed sealed. The organizers who had already planned to move the event in late June-early July themselves agreed on its site that beyond these dates, a new report ” was not possible

→ LIVE. Coronavirus: the latest information in France and worldwide

The 2020 edition, the 73rd, will therefore not take place this year, the Cannes Film Festival confirmed on Tuesday in a press release. ” It now seems difficult to think that the Festival could be organized this year in its initial form ” A first since May 68 when it was interrupted after a sling led by filmmakers, Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaut at the head, in support of the student and workers movement.

Support Cannes 2020 films “in one way or another”

Its general delegate Thierry Frémaux does not mean to throw in the towel completely and does not resolve to speak of outright cancellation. He has therefore announced that he has started consultations in France and abroad and wishes to continue “ to study all the possibilities allowing to accompany the cinema year by making exist the films of Cannes 2020 in one way or another

A sibylline formula that says nothing for the moment of its intentions, the Festival hoping to be able to communicate “quickly” on the forms that this Cannes 2020 could take. Is it a virtual festival that would have the advantage of maintaining a competition and a prize list or a lighter version scheduled later in the year? At this stage, all the hypotheses would be considered and discussed in partnership with the other actors of the Festival: the Film Market and the parallel sections (Critics ‘Week, Directors’ Fortnight, ACID).

An impact in terms of image

Last week, in an interview with Variety magazine, Thierry Frémaux had however swept the first of these tracks: “For Cannes, his soul, his history, his impact, he is a model who could not work” he said then. Since then, several festivals including that of the animated film Annecy have chosen this option. And the Film Market has already resolved to keep it digital for the 40,000 professionals who traditionally flock to it every year.

A cancellation of this event which drains 200,000 people would obviously have a significant financial impact. ” It doesn’t matter because we have reservations, however, indicated from the start of Pierre Lescure’s confinement at Le Figaro. The endowment fund that we have set up allows us to face at least one year without revenue ”. But it is especially in terms of image and impact of this Festival on world cinema that the losses would be the heaviest.

A selection that was almost ready

Cannes is in the habit of giving the “la” on the release of films for the current year and to make and break the careers of films and directors. It must therefore be difficult for its organizers to give up a selection which must be almost ready and has required almost a year of work. Especially since in a context of competition between festivals, the Venice Film Festival, scheduled for the end of August, could win the day and recover the films initially planned for Cannes.

When the health crisis, whose resolution remains the priority of all, will be over, we will have to repeat and demonstrate the importance and the place that the cinema, its works, its artists, its professionals and its rooms and their audiences occupy in our lives “Concludes the Festival, which does not intend to give up playing its role in this new stage.


The Cordobs, the wolf smile and the left without stops of a universal ‘crack’

The ‘Hurricane’ Bentez fulminated records and borders in the 60s of Al and the Beatles as a mass fraud: “I touched some God with the wand, he took me in my arms. I was the Pope of bullfighting,” he confessed in an interview. to THE WORLD

I grew up in anticordobesism fiercer than the press of that time remembers. Tremendous campaigns of the scarce independent criticism that fought with a machete and a stake for regeneration and guarismo, against the envelope, the saw and the utrero. I would not have been surprised to find at home any day a target with the portrait of Manuel Bentez ‘El Cordobs’ nailed to the point of darts. As time went by, long, long, Bentez explained his vision to me: “Was I the only one who killed that bull? The bullrings were waiting for me. But I arrived in Madrid and cut eight ears in two afternoons, and in Seville, a tail. I regret the death of your father without having had the opportunity to drink even a coffee. We would have understood now retired. ” I don’t know, but whenever I write surrendered to the Bentez myth, opposite feelings spring up in me:that of a relative betrayal and that of a just ‘vendetta’. I do not betray the noble cause of fumigating what was around Cordoba, but I will probably execute revenge against the biased teaching of a chapter in the History of Bullfighting.

I lost too many years between the sterile debate of orthodoxy and heterodoxy, between the barren discussion of the greyhounds and the hounds, until I became aware of the universal dimension of the ‘crack’ that was hidden from me: Manuel Bentez ‘El Cordobs’. The decade of the 60s, explained through icons such as Al or the Beatles, should never forget the ‘Hurricane’ Bentez that traveled the world. Three covers of the period of the magazineLifethey certify it.Volatilized the reductionist and inbred walls of bullfighting and simplistic explanations.

Here you get the round trip ticket from the present to the past. The maxim that time places everyone in his place has been fulfilled with splendor and memory with El Cordobs. Tributes come with the delayed fuze. In April 2014, exactly six years ago, as if Saint Toms needed to put his fingers on the sore, the almost octogenarian V Caliph swept the anti-cancer festival on his land. The last time I stepped on a ring. Again ‘Hurricane’ Bentez on the street and in the square. Againthe masses cheering for fraudLike those of old Spain in black and white, who already carried the bullfighter with a rebellious fringe on his shoulders from the hotel full of unscrupulous mothers with their daughters in heat in search of the devil’s seed. The echo of his topless left echoed in the Cordoba of the 21st century, the inalienable personality, the unruffled stillness, the wolf’s smile, the popular magnet of that starved shirtless man who in 57 fled spontaneously in Madrid with the suit that it had been rented with the money of the son of his master of works.

The personality ofa man out of every catalog. In his tribute to that same 14, he again overflowed Las Ventas tiles in the tribute commemorating his confirmation of alternative, May 20, 1964:the country stopped completely in the middle of developmentin front of the silly box of bars in the absence of gadgets at home. TVE finally broadcast the event on a flooded arena of water and blood.

The following year, in 1965, he broke all records with 111 runs in one season; 121 in 1970. “A locomotive, I used to pull the whole Fiesta train, all the wagons. With me there was for everyone[empresarios incluidos]”, he said in the interview he gave me in 2012. In it he declared himself Pope of bullfighting:“If some God touched the wand, he took me in his arms”. To fulfill the huge number of contracts signed, Bentez used his own twin-engine plane. He sleeps every day in the same bed, at the Alameda de Barajas hotel, the operations center from where he plotted the flight plan with his pilot. Or he made himself with the controls. I learned in America from the need to cover the great distances from Mexico, out of sheer genius, intuition and survival: “And if the pilot falls asleep, what do I do?” The plane will use the teacher Ral del Pozo to make literary pirouettes in the bookA velvet coffin, that Bentez still curses.

Mass phenomenon, social earthquake of international impact that Gerald Ford wanted to know, Bob Kennedy, embrace and Gina Lollobrigida, other things. I discovered it at the dawn of the 60s Rafael Snchez El Pipo,the Don King of bullfighting, the negotiator of the first large monies collected in small bills to make them bulge more on the hotel bed: “Who is all this for, Don Rafael?” “For you, Manolo” “Take half of it!” “Keep everything, that the day will come when you reproach me to the commission.” And Bentez grabbed the wool and ran to buy his sister’s house in the vast work of Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins:… or mourn for me.

The Pipo had been removed from the sleeve in the 61 the festivalPro Housing of the Needyin El Pardo with General Franco and Doa Carmen Polo in the presidency of the small square and El Cordobs going up and down 15 or 20 times like a joke among the calf pythons. The festival that was worth some to politically deform the robin-robin here, imprisoned so many times by the law of bums and thugs, stiff as the wet, as a toy of the Franco regime. The inexperience of the already famous bullfighter fascinates, the courage, the rage and the outburst to return to the brawl and the dust. The NO-DO and then the movieLearning to diethey catapulted him by the hand of Tico Medina’s script. Tico caught it before Lapierre and Collins.

The life of El Cordobs does not give truce. His long heart from fleeing through the fields favors him in the American heights: where others drown, Bentez makes the leap of the frog, jumps and runs with trophy esportones in his hands.God becomes Mexicobut it is little named when it comes to reviewing the myths of the Aztec fans.He mounted the guerrilla with Palomo in ’69, and surrenders to the business community in Villalobillos on a pillow: one ‘kilo’ per afternoon. Antonio Ordez always refused to fight with him, and Antonio Bienvenida gave him the alternative. The self-taught man in the rings never found a mirror. Or anyone who looked like him. His elastic left-hander left the batrach behind, the banderillas broken,the cape of the rebans. And now that he works as a dowser, the seasons are dwindling and the places are emptying, he is remembered. Not because he was touched by the wand or because he was a bullfighter’s aroma, but because God took him in his arms. And this is signed by the son of the most devastating and tough anticordobesista, who dignified the profession of writing bullfighting.

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The music festival season awaits its doom

It seems inevitable that big outdoor music summer events will be canceled. The sector already considers dead the month of June and the summer is insurmountable

Preparation of the Low Cost festival, in 2012.

Holding music festivals this summer is like a cheap TV movie trial in which all the evidence and witnesses line up with overt clarity and all that remains is for the judge to deliver his sentence with a slow-motion hit of his gavel. In this case, the judge is the Government, which is rationing the measures on the coronavirus and does not want or can still advance any forecast about the summer. But the sentence seems inevitable, many sources in the sector say to EL MUNDO:the season of festivals and great summer concerts is lost.

Until now, only the festivals scheduled for May, such as Viña Rock or Tomavistas, and some in June, such as Primavera Sound, have canceled or postponed their calls.June is actually already a monthdeadfor live music: promoters andmanagersThese days they work on trying to relocate the concerts of that month in the autumn. For their part, the July festivals, the month in which most of these events are celebrated with a large concentration of people, have not yet made a general statement (or have done, surprisingly, to reaffirm their commitment to the dates announced).

To this day, it is true that there is still a small chance that the July or August festivals may be held. However, the entire sector takes it for granted that, if so, the Government will impose strong capacity and mobility restrictions. For an event of this type, selling 80% of the tickets only serves to cover expenses, since the profits reach above that approximate amount.A restriction of half the capacity, for example, would make it more profitable to cancelto go ahead, all sources consulted match. To this we must add that there are many doubts about the response of the public, especially from foreign attendees, who make up half of events in Primavera Sound or FIB.

What are most festivals waiting for, then, to announce cancellation or delay? For the Government to announce restrictive measures and the organizers can then take advantage of theforce majeure clause to be able to break the agreements and contracts adoptedboth with artists and with suppliers such as stage, sound or security assembly companies. In addition to advertising spending, festivals pay some headliners upfront for their caches; In those cases, the organization has already made a heavy payment and, therefore, it needs this clause to try to recover part of the advanced investment, request compensation and aid from the State, and be able to return the money from the tickets already sold.

That is why the sector’s unanimous request to the Minister of Culture and Sports, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, is to announce as soon as possible under what conditions the concerts could be held this summer, if they can be held. «The situation is already catastrophica, but if we continue without news for another month the entire sector will fall, “explains Joaquín Martínez, president of the Spanish Music Federation, which represents 110,000 members.” It is necessary for the Administration to make decisions within the deadline minimum and end the uncertainty. Only in this way will companies be able to prepare their recovery plans ».

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, affirmed last Sunday in an interview inThe countrythat «until the vaccine arrives (…), the agglomerations are going to have limitations to maintain the safety distance». The best forecasts consider that the vaccine will not be discovered until the second half of 2021, and that its production will still take several more months. Taking into account thatthe government is already warning of the restrictionswhich is likely to suffer from the main engine of the Spanish economy, which is tourism, who can imagine that the celebration of a festival in July with 20,000, 30,000, or even 60,000 people concentrated in a venue for several days is approved?

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The Stations of the Cross at Hellfest, a festival canceled by the epidemic and threatened by its insurer

INVESTIGATION – Ben Barbaud, the patron of the demonstration with 180,000 spectators, fought with the government to obtain the cancellation of his festival. And now embarks on a showdown with his insurance company.

The organizers convinced state representatives that it was not possible to welcome the public in Clisson (Loire-Atlantique) in conditions compatible with the health crisis.
The organizers convinced state representatives that it was not possible to welcome the public in Clisson (Loire-Atlantique) in conditions compatible with the health crisis. Loic Venance / AFP

A thunderclap in the summer sky … next. And a shock for the organizers of major festivals like Cannes, Eurockéennes or Avignon who fear that their fate will be sealed in turn. Wednesday April 8, the Hellfest was canceled by Claude d’Harcourt, prefect of Loire-Atlantique. Scheduled for the third weekend in June in Clisson, 25 kilometers from Nantes, the Hellfest is the first major festival of the summer. Atmosphere more Mad Max than Woodstock. In metal, it is an institution.

Imagine 180,000 fans from all over Europe breaking into this pretty town of 7000 inhabitants where nearly one in two Clissonnais hosts a festival-goer. Full months in advance, the festival displays an exemplary financial report. This summer, there were as always big international names on the bill, like Deep Purple and the Californian groups Faith No More and Korn. With the cancellation ordered by the prefect, the State recognizes that it cannot guarantee preparatory order meetings

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cancellable at any time


High Season prepares an edition of the festival that “reflects the situation” of sanitary crisis

The Temporda Alta performing arts festival anticipates that the 2020 edition will “reflect the situation” of a health crisis that lives the country. Its director, Salvador Sunyer, has assured that “there will surely be references” to the virus and the confinement that is living much of the world. Besides, Sunyer has warned that covid-19 will be invoicing the programming. Although they already had a large number of international shows closed, the uncertainty of the mobility and the restrictions that each country will have makes it impossible to determine which companies will come and which ones will not. In addition, the director has said that there will be “more presence in the country” with productions that have not been able to tour, and the programming will be closed “on the fly.”

Coronavirus is affecting many levels and this will have an impact on economics and society, in the first level. And part of that impact will eventually be transferred to the cultural world. One of the examples will be the programming of the Temporada Alta Festival, which is held in different municipalities in the Girona region. Its director, Salvador Sunyer, has warned this fall that it will be “a festival similar to previous editions”, but that the programming will be adapted “more to the circumstances than to the will”.

In fact, Salavador Sunyer has advanced that the High Season this fall will “reflect the situation” that the country is experiencing and also the rest of the world these days. The director assured that “most of the shows there” may not be reflected directly, but there are sure to be references “.

The pandemic is affecting the organization of the festival at different levels. First, the director warned that “the budget will be reduced” because of lower donations from sponsors.

Festival organizers had “a part” of international programming closed, which they now want to keep. However, the uncertainty of mobility restrictions and the health situation prevent us from predicting which shows will be held and which will not. Sunyer said that these days, when they book flights from the companies that are coming, lairlines “warn they don’t know if planes can take off”. This makes it difficult to secure productions that will remain in the fall.

In addition, the director has said that there will be “more presence in the country” with some of the theater companies that have not been able to tour this month. The director assured that those productions that had canceled their premieres could have a place at the festival. “We will program what we can and what we think is OK,” added Salvador Sunyer.

A program “on the fly”

In the face of all these uncertainties, the director of the performing arts festival has regretted that the programming will be closing “on the go”. Salvador Sunyer He stated that his intention was “for the theater to be done and for the music to be done” and from that point on, “whatever would be done would be adapted”.

Regarding possible audience restrictions, Sunyer hopes that by the fall all facilities will be open with all available locations, but he also does not put his hand on the fire. “Everyone was convinced that the stage programming for May and June could be done and that would not be the case,” concluded the festival director.


China to honor the dead with anti-aircraft sirens at saddest Qingming festival

China has declared an official day of mourning tomorrow. Coinciding with the celebration of Qingming festival, similar to All Saints, the country will dawn with the flags at half mast. At ten in the morning, its citizens will keep three minutes of silence that will be broken by the deafening sound of anti-aircraft sirens. The horns of vehicles and the horns of boats and trains will also be added. The Asian giant wants to perform like this tribute to the 3,322 deaths from the coronavirus epidemic, whom the official Xinhua news agency refers to as “martyrs.”

However, Wuhan, epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, will experience its saddest Qingming. Because those close to the dead will not be able to go to cemeteries to sweep the graves, as tradition dictates. Although the capital of Hubei is recovering normality before allowing the free movement of its residents, next Wednesday, restrictions on congregation of people still stand. Some in the city complain that they have been unable to properly honor their loved ones because of the hasty manner in which their cremation has been decreed, although the South China Morning Post collects the testimony of a woman who claims they have received 3,000 yuan. (400 euros) in compensation.

In any case, the Government recommends using different mobile applications to pay virtual homage to loved ones. Cemeteries have been built throughout the country, although each city establishes its own rules, and many do allow physical access. In Shanghai, for example, family members will be able to visit graves and niches in small numbers and after registering online.. From the 28th until the 12th, 685,000 people will visit the 54 cemeteries of the economic capital of China. Of course, they must come protected by masks and gloves, record their body temperature, and provide their mobile phone so that the Authorities can contact them in case any contagion is detected.

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In this regard, China reported today that 31 new SARS-CoV-2 infections were detected yesterday. 29 of them were imported from other countries, and the two locations were registered in the provinces of Liaoning – northeast – and Guangdong – southeast. The number of deceased increased by four people. These are undoubtedly hopeful numbers, and epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan is convinced that the country could claim victory in the first battle against the coronavirus later this month. For her part, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman, Hua Chunying, has assured that the Asian giant is being transparent and has dismissed as “rascal and immoral” the accusations of having lied in the official figures released by the United States.