What is virtual medicine and how to access – Health

“Innovation distinguishes leaders from followers,” said Steve Jobs, and he was not mistaken. The immediacy and speed with which we live, and emergencies such as the unexpected war unleashed by the covid-19 they demand innovation and immediate action not only to curb the pandemic, but to adjust to the health dizziness that occurred, without overloading […]

At war with boredom: UFOs, magic chambers and split-screens

1 – With a band of mabouls Strip tease is it an exceptionally funny or excruciatingly depressing show? Should we laugh at the people she presents to us, sometimes even in an ultra-violent intimacy, or be indignant at the shameless gaze, bordering on condescension, that she poses on these great shipwrecked people of existence? At […]

Huawei Mate Xs: the new mobile folding screen and unbreakable hinge | Technology

New Huawei Mate Xs. On video, presentation of the new phone. PHOTO: TOLGA AKMEN (AFP) / VIDEO: HUAWEI Huawei wants to continue breastfeeding as a mobile manufacturer and fight against Samsung and Apple for leadership despite being chased by ghosts. First was the war declared by the Trump Administration on the subject of 5G, for […]

Apple patents iPhone entirely made of glass with an enveloping display

(MENAFN – IANS) San Francisco, February 24 (IANS) Apple is reportedly working on an all-glass iPhone with a wraparound touchscreen, capable of displaying information, icons and images on any surface with the entire touch-sensitive device. The electronic device with glass case, US patent no. 20200057525, describes an iPhone that includes a six-sided glass case, as […]