A festival to think about how to “get informed”

“How can I get better information? “, wonder since Friday March 6, the participants in the first festival inviting to “Think about our relationship to information”, co-organized by journalist Anne-Sophie Novel, author of a documentary and book, “The media the world and us”, and expert in digital innovation and media Benoît Raphaël, at Ground Control, cultural space installed in an industrial wasteland of the SNCF, behind the Gare du Nord in Paris.

Friday afternoon, there was a lot of talk about “education”, “short circuit”, “traceability” to “reconnect with the producer” (information). An analogy with food, at the heart of the thinking of the two organizers, who think that getting too much or bad information can make people as sick as “junk food”, with the risk of causing “a crisis of faith” towards media, detrimental to democracy.

Where is the truth ?

The reasons for this distrust were debated during an introductory round table bringing together representatives from different studies (Kantar’s media barometer / La Croix, the “Me, young” survey by 20 minutes), media consultations (Make.org, Bluenove) and meetings with readers (75 meetings for the 75th anniversary of La Voix du Nord). The result was a strong expectation of more in-depth information, of subjects closer to the concerns of everyday life, of “link-building” journalists, who involved the citizen and sparked action.

The hundred participants then shared in two workshops, one titled From media education to critical education , the other, ” Post-truth, post-news – where is the truth?. In the latter, researchers, journalists, media bosses discussed with the public the truth, the definition of fake news and facts, possible solutions to restore confidence: say where we are talking, distinguish fact and comment, explain how we do fact-checking, force platforms to overweight original content, promote the diversity of journalists and transdisciplinarity, wonder about everyone’s responsibility in the dissemination of news…

Informational regime

This Saturday, March 7, a day of “experimentation” is planned with a series of workshops intended for the general public to address the good to be informed: How to disconnect in a world saturated with screens; How to get out of your filter bubbles? ; Journalists and yellow vests – listen to each other, understand each other better …. A coaching session will also be offered to take care of your informational dietetics in order tohelp you define your info plan best suited to your needs


What does coronavirus mean for holidays, travel insurance and concerts? | Money

If I buy travel insurance for a holiday that I have just booked, will it cover me in the future?

Yes. The British Insurers Association confirmed this week that someone who books a holiday in Spain, say, in June, and buys travel insurance would be covered for cancellation, but only if the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) he later advised against traveling to the country. Insurance must have been purchased before a country was declared banned.

Having said that, the money would not be surprised if insurers, faced with a flood of claims in the future, began to claim that the virus was a known problem when purchasing the policy. Force majeure can be used to avoid paying, although this week we looked at different terms and conditions of the travel policy, we were unable to identify these exit clauses. MB

Does travel insurance cover me if I cancel my holiday?

In most cases, no. Insurers’ cancellation coverage will only come into force if the FCO advises against all travel except essential travel. This has happened for China, parts of South Korea and the Northern Italy area as a whole. However, if you are traveling to another destination not covered by the advice and do not think you want to travel because of the risk, your travel insurance will not cover your losses.. MB

Which travel insurance policy should I buy?

One of the problems faced by travelers was the fact that airlines canceled flights. While refunding the cost of the ticket, the vacationers were left in possession of non-refundable hotel and car rental reservations. The best travel policies offer “trip interruption coverage”, which will often pick up the pieces in such circumstances.

After Flybe’s crash this week and warnings that other airlines may be on the same boat, buyers must opt ​​for a policy that offers a scheduled airline bankruptcy (SAF). About half of travel insurance policies sold in the UK offer SAF as standard, while an additional 19% offer it as an add-on based on Defaqto. In the current climate it would be a mistake not to buy a policy that included it.

MoneySavingExpert has conducted an in-depth investigation into which policies are currently the best purchases. He highlighted the AA (Silver) coverage policy, which will cover you if your flight or hotel is canceled. This costs around £ 29 for a 35-year annual European policy, £ 141 for a family worldwide. It also favors Nationwide travel coverage for those with its FlexPlus account. MB

England Ben Youngs appears to pass the ball during the Six Nations game between England and Ireland

Rugby fans who bought tour packages for the England v Italy Six Nations game in Rome on March 14 should get refunds Photography: Glyn Kirk / AFP via Getty Images

I am over 70 years old and my doctor advised me not to travel. What is my position?

The possible exception to the above occurs if your doctor has advised you not to go to an area infected with viruses, in which case your travel insurance may enter.

Axa said, “If your doctor tells you not to travel to a [affected] area, you must contact us before the departure date and you will not be penalized. “

The normal conditions of declaration of the pre-existing conditions apply. So if you have been told not to travel to your doctor because of a lung problem that you had not reported when purchasing the policy, you may find that your claim has been declined or your payment has been reduced. In the current climate, doctors may have a very weak view of the request to provide a letter allowing for such a request. MB

I had to travel to attend an event that was canceled – can I claim a refund for my losses?

It depends. Those who purchased the tour packages to go to the Italy v England Six Nations rugby game in Rome on March 14 – which has been postponed – will receive a full refund or tickets for the new date.

However, if you had put your package together, purchased a ticket for the game, and booked hotels and flights yourself, most travel policies are unlikely to pay.

There are some exceptions. Some insurers will pay if you are forced to abandon the trip. For example, Barclays travel insurance says it will pay up to £ 3,000 if “the area you are staying in is affected by a pandemic or epidemic flu.”

The most reasonable people might think that Italy and a host of other areas have been affected, but the World Health Organization has yet to declare a pandemic. MB

Winter landscape in the Dolomites

Both Inghams and Crystal Ski are still flying customers to northern Italy for ski excursions. Photograph: boerescul / Getty Images / iStockphoto

I booked a ski vacation in the Dolomites at the end of this month. Can I get my money back?

Tour companies, for now, firmly stick to their terms and conditions. Only if you cancel at Crystal Ski (part of Tui) more than 70 days before departure, do you get your money back – and therefore the deposit is less. After that, there is a tax escalator: so if you cancel between 28 and 15 days before departure, you only get 10% of your money back; and if you cancel 14 days before, nothing has returned. It is an image similar to Inghams: you will not receive anything in return if you cancel within 21 days. Interestingly, both are still flying customers to northern Italy for ski trips and are saying that they will offer refunds only if FCO advice changes. You would be crazy to book now. PC

I was going to book my summer vacation – should I still do it?

There are few costs to delay, but if you really want to book, be smart. For example, if you buy a summer vacation package from Tui, choose a no deposit deal, then mark your calendar for 70 days before departure. Until then, you can cancel and recover your money, but after that, you will start to lose a lot of what you paid.

Independent travelers should so far only book hotels and car rentals with 100% cancellation rights. Many hotel groups, aware of how worried vacationers are, have switched to 100% free cancellation. For example, Meliá, a large Spanish hotel chain, offered all its rooms with free cancellation this week. Buy on the hotel website and, where possible, choose the payment option on arrival.

Flights are more complicated. Ryanair is particularly tough if you choose to cancel, refusing to return the money. If you have to book now, pay only the minimum necessary for the flight and avoid the extras for “priority” or seat selection. You can add them later. You could also avoid financially weaker airlines: the longer the crisis continues, the more it will fail. Atol protection only applies if you purchase accommodation and flights from a travel agent at the same time.

Long range image is brighter. Virgin Atlantic and BA said they will waive flight exchange fees for new bookings this month, so you can purchase and postpone if necessary. PC

It will be there Does Ehic cover me in Europe if I need prolonged hospital treatment?

Ehic card and British passport

The Ehic card remains in force until the end of December 2020. Photography: Alamy

The Ehic – European Health Insurance Card – is an EU-wide system that remains in effect until the end of December this year and offers you state health care in the EU for free or at reduced cost until you return home. The UK has issued around 27 million cards and you can still get one for free: search for “NHS Ehic” on the Internet and don’t fall into any of the dangerous sites that charge fees.

The Italian government has pledged to offer free access to Covid-19 treatment to all tourists, with the President of Tuscany, Enrico Rossi, who told Corriere della Sera this week “the Italian health system is free and for everyone” . PC

Will flights be cheaper?

I am already. Ryanair is currently selling flights from London to virtually anywhere in Italy for less than £ 20 in June and less than £ 30 in July. Flights to Rome for the Easter weekend start at £ 80 return, when they would usually be double or triple that price.

Long-haul prices are also falling. British Airways currently offers flights from London to New York for around £ 250 return for March, April, May and June. The Google Flights “price chart” and Ryanair’s “fare search” options are useful for showing the cheapest offers.

Airlines are reducing capacity and canceling some flights, so don’t expect prices to drop much more.

Years and years they perform on the pyramid stage at the Glastonbury festival

The Glastonbury festival is just one of the big events this summer that could be affected by the coronavirus. Director of photography: Michael Cragg / The Guardian

I paid £ 265 for a ticket to Glastonbury Festival. What happens if it is canceled? What if it goes on but I decide not to go?

With some countries imposing restrictions on large public gatherings, people anxiously cross their fingers and hope that Glastonbury will move forward in June. On Wednesday week, the organizers said they could not confirm whether the festival would certainly go ahead and that they were continuing to plan it by carefully monitoring developments.

If the event is canceled, you can expect a refund. The festival website states that after midnight on May 7, 2020, “no refunds will be made unless the festival is canceled. Booking fees and postage and packaging costs are not refundable. “

If you decide to cancel before that date, you will be refunded the value of your ticket, less a £ 25 administration fee – so if you are worried, the good news is that you have two months before making a decision.

Some ticketholders will have purchased TicketPlan’s refund protection, where refunds are expected if you are unable to participate due to certain circumstances. RJ

I have tickets to a concert at a great place. What happens if it is canceled?

The Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers (Star) says that the UK government and the deputy medical director have warned that there are no clear reasons for canceling the events. “Unless specific events have been canceled by an artist or event organizer, all other events are scheduled to move forward and the standard policy will apply. Canceled events are often rescheduled, but if the new date cannot be made or the event is canceled completely, you are entitled to a refund of at least the ticket face value. “

Some events have already been canceled, for example at the beginning of last month the Korean band Seventeen canceled his concert at the Wembley Arena in London tomorrow (March 8) due to the outbreak. As for that concert, the Wembley website states: “All tickets will be automatically refunded from the point of purchase.”

Some places like London’s O2 have a small print saying that neither they nor the event organizer “will be liable to you … insofar as any loss or failure … is caused by an event of major force”.

He claims that force majeure “means any cause beyond the reasonable control of AEG or the organizer”, which suggests that venues / organizers could theoretically use this clause to dismiss the claims.

Keep an eye on the websites of the offices and ticket offices, especially before leaving: many provide regular updates.

If you decide not to go, there are a number of fan-to-fan resale websites, including Twickets, where you can sell your tickets and hope to get your money back. RJ

“Our insurer refused to pay despite travel restrictions”

American Samoa

American Samoa imposed a 14-day quarantine on coronavirus fears. Photography: Alamy

A couple who were forced to abandon a rowing trip in American Samoa after the governor of the tiny Pacific island imposed a 14-day quarantine on coronavirus fears was told by their travel insurer Barclays, who cannot claim for their lost flights.

John and Caroline Turnbull, of Woking, were scheduled to make the trip of a lifetime in April to meet other rowing enthusiasts for a two-week tour of the little-known, remote American territory in the South Pacific Ocean.

Having booked expensive flights from London to Hawaii and expensive business class tickets for the five and a half hour flight to Pago Pago over American Samoa, the couple, both in their seventies, say they were forced to abandon Samoa part of the trip to the island , after the governor prohibited all foreign nationals from landing on the island unless they spent 14 days in Hawaii.

The island was already fighting a deadly measles outbreak that killed over 60 people.

“The ban effectively rendered our flights unusable. Hawaiian Airways will not refund us, as it claims it is still flying, “says John.

The couple had worldwide travel insurance provided by Barclays as an add-on to a bank account and duly claimed the £ 2,500 they had spent on Hawaii for Samoa flights that they could not use.

However, Barclays rejected the cancellation request based on the fact that the British government did not advise against going to the island.

After the Guardian’s intervention, Barclays took a second look at the case and has now paid.

“The initial decline decision was the correct one, as there is no coverage in our” border closure “policy. We have, however, examined the details of this case and have decided that the complaint will be paid as a good gesture. will, “he said. MB

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Simple Minds celebrate its 40th anniversary at the Porta Ferrada Festival

The Porta Ferrada Festival in Sant Feliu de Guíxols incorporates Simple Minds in its program this year. The group will land in the port ganxó on July 25 in the only event they will have in Catalonia as part of the tour to celebrate their 40th anniversary on stage. Apart from Simple Minds, the festival has also announced concerts by Ben Harper, Kool and the Gang, Albert Pla, Dámaris Gelabert and the Black Locomotive, which add to other names already advanced in recent weeks, such as Jamie Cullum, Bad. Gyal or Suzanne Vega.

The artistic director of the contest, Albert Mallol, emphasized yesterday that the Simple Minds concert will be special, as his tour “is designed for large spaces and pavilions” with much more capacity than the Port Space, where they will perform this year. The concert will be held on a round weekend for the festival, as Graham Nash will be performing the day before with Suzanne Vega and Sunday 26 will be Ben Harper’s turn.

On the other hand, the festival premieres a new format entitled Space Pop and scheduled for August 2 with a “triple concert” that will open the Irish band Two Door Cinema Club and will also feature performances by Manel and La Casa Azul. . Mallol emphasized that they are “three groups with three different languages ​​but with a common musical thread”, which is electronics. On that night, Mallol said that Manel had another night booked to go to Sant Feliu de Guixols, but in proposing them this triple concert, “he changed the date to be able to match” with the Irish.

In addition, the Porta Ferrada will also have Kool and the Gang the night of August 11 and Albert Pla will also pass through the port space on July 17 with the show Fear. The Black Locomotive and the St George’s Choir will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Duke Ellington’s sacred concert in Barcelona on August 6. For the little ones, Dámaris Gelabert will present his new show on August 5th.

50,000 tickets on sale

The festival will go on sale this morning from 11 a.m. There will be a total of 50,000 seats available in what will be the most ambitious edition of the festival’s 58-year history.

The budget amounts to a little over € 2.1 million this year, and is set to exceed 40,000 viewers by 2019 after a record 5,500 tickets purchased in advance have already been reached.

However, the festival has not yet specified the concerts to be held at the Guíxols Arena, an area with more places available than the Port Space.

It is expected that in the coming weeks all the names of the poster will be announced in conjunction with the humor festival organized by the Singlot for the past four years and will now directly assume The Project, the production company that manages the entire Guixol festival.


The Porta Ferrada Festival has the only concert in Catalonia by Simple Minds

The Porta Ferrada Festival of Sant Feliu de Guíxols (Baix Empordà) incorporates the Scottish rock band Simple Minds in its program this year. The group will land on the harbor stage on July 25 in the only date that the Scots in Catalonia will have on the tour to celebrate their 40th anniversary on stage. Aside from Simple Minds, the festival has also announced Ben Harper concerts, Kool and the Gang, Albert Pla, Dàmaris Gelabert and also the Black Locomotive. Tickets go on sale this Friday from 11am. However, there are already a number of concerts from the 58th festival with venues such as Jamie Cullum, Bad Gyal, Paul Weller or God Save the Queen, others.

Scots Simple Minds will blow their candles for their 40th anniversary at the Porta Ferrada Festival in Sant Feliu de Guíxols (Baix Empordà) in the only concert they will perform in Catalonia on this tour. The concert will be held on Saturday, July 25, on a festival-wide weekend, as the day before will feature Graham Nash with Suzanne Vega and Sunday 26 will be Ben Harper’s turn.

The artistic director of the festival, Albert Mallol, has emphasized that the Simple Minds concert will be special as the Scots tour is “designed for large spaces and pavilions” with far more capacity than the port space, where they will be performing this year.

On the other hand, the festival premieres this 2020 “a new format” entitled the Pop Space scheduled for August 2 starting at 2:00 pm in the evening. Tonight there will be a “triple concert” opened by the Irish band Two Door Cinema Club and will also feature performances by Manel and La Casa Azul. Mallol emphasized that they are “three groups with three different languages ​​but with a common musical thread”, which is electronics.

Mallol said that tonight Manel had reserved another night for the festival in Sant Feliu de Guixols, but in proposing them this triple concert “changed the date to be able to match” with the Irish.

The Porta Ferrada will also have Kool and the Gang on the night of August 11 and Albert Pla will also pass through the port on July 17. On the other hand, the Black Locomotive and the St John’s Choir will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Duke Ellington’s sacred concert on August 6. For the little ones, Dámaris Gelabert will present his new show on August 5th.

50,000 tickets on sale

The Porta Ferrada Festival will put on tickets this Friday at eleven in the morning. In total there will be some 50,000 seats available in what will be the most ambitious edition of the festival’s 58 years of history. However, there are already some concerts such as Jamie Cullum, Bad Gyal, Paul Weller or God Save the Queen that are already available for sale. In fact, more than 1,500 tickets have already been sold.

However, the festival has not yet specified the concerts to be held at the Guixols Arena, a new space with more places available than the port space. It is expected that in the coming weeks all the names of the poster will be announced in conjunction with The Humor Festival this year.

For the past four years, El Terrat’s production company has organized the Singlot with various comedy shows and shows. Anyway, this year the organization will assume the production company The Project, which is already in charge of Porta Ferrada.


Slam Dunk Festival 2020: the line-up of the stage divides completely | Music

PUBLISHED: 19:08 February 26, 2020 | UPDATE: 19:15 February 26 2020

Don Broco will star in the new rock scene powered by Amazon Music at the Slam Dunk Festival South 2020 in Hatfield

Don Broco will star in the new rock scene powered by Amazon Music at the Slam Dunk Festival South 2020 in Hatfield

Provided by Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk Festival organizers have revealed 14 new names for Mayfield’s rock event in Hatfield and various parts of the stage.

Rankings on stage at the Slam Dunk Festival 2020 for Hatfield and LeedsRankings on stage at the Slam Dunk Festival 2020 for Hatfield and Leeds

Sunday 24 May the music festival will return to Hatfield Park for the Slam Dunk Festival South 2020.

The two main phases will be titled respectively by Don Broco and Sum 41.

Joining pop-punk, ska punk, metal, emo and alternative rock parties will be the latest news from Stand Atlantic, With Confidence, ROAM, Wargasm, Static Dress, I Am The Avalanche, Vukovi, Your Truly, Sleep on It, The Bottom Line , 30H! 3 and DJ Jacky P.

Also announced for the Acoustic Stage are Derek Sanders from Mayday Parade, Vinnie Caruana from I Am The Avalanche and Elder Brother.

In addition to these new names, and following the announcement of the Jägermeister Stage line-up, the heads of the Slam Dunk Festival have revealed the divisions on stage this year.

Bedford’s Don Broco is ready to make festival and career history with their first starring performance in the new Slam Dunk Rock Scene powered by the Amazon Music stage.

The complete line-up for the Jägermeister stage at the Slam Dunk Festival 2020.The complete line-up for the Jägermeister stage at the Slam Dunk Festival 2020.

Rock Scene is Amazon Music’s global playlist showing the most exciting new rock music from around the world.

The Rock Scene stage in Hatfield and the north site of Slam Dunk at Temple Newsam in Leeds will host a set of Pure Noise Records State Champs, singers with Mayday Parade and the highly anticipated We Are The In Crowd meeting.

Issues, new additions to Atlantic Stand and Australian rocker The Faim were also part of the project.

Returning to the festival, Bonnie Fraser of Stand Atlantic said: “We are so damned excited to be playing at our favorite festival in the world.

“We can’t wait to bring some new baby songs – we’ll give you everything we have in the UK!”

Sum 41 will make its Slam Dunk Festival debut as headliner for this year’s Fireball Stage.

Slam Dunk Festival 2020 Punk in the series of public stages for Hatfield and Leeds.Slam Dunk Festival 2020 Punk in the series of public stages for Hatfield and Leeds.

The stage will also include sets from the Canadian band Billy Talent, The Story So Far and Brit Grungers Basement.

Upon returning to the festival there will be Zebrahead and St Albans’ Trash Boat, following an opening of Dream State.

Although no schedule has yet been announced for Slam Dunk, the festival tweeted that the two headliners on the main stage – Don Broco and Sum 41 – will not collide.

The Fireball phase will not collide with the Punk In Drublic phase.

After their raucous party debut last year, NOFX will return with Punk In Drublic for the second year.

Californian punk kings Pennywise and punk supergroup Me First and Gimme Gimmes will also perform in the acquisition of the stage.

Coming back for another year, Reel Big Fish will once again embellish a Slam Dunk stage, while Face To Face, The Vandals and Suicide Machines will complete the Punk range in Drublic Slam Dunk 2020.

The Jägermeister Stage will welcome a starring performance of Sheffield’s favorite children While She Sleep, along with a real Refused punk master class.

Stray From The Path is also stuck, while the Canadian brothers Counterparts and Comeback Kid will return to the festival, as well as Your Demise on the 10-year anniversary of their album The children we were.

Deez Nuts will also go on stage after an opening performance by Blood Youth.

By setting the bar with a title from British metalcore masters Bury Tomorrow, the Impericon stage is ready to deliver the heavy hits once again. Soon to reveal their fourth studio album UnderCode Orange will bring a performance alongside We Came As Romans, Ice Nine Kills and Dance Gavin Dance.

Polaris and Fit For A King are sure to warm up the stage.

With an arsenal of avid mixes and the promise of special guests, Scarlxrd’s DJ DJ Jacky P will perform on the Impericon stage in the evening.

Jägermeister and Impericon While She Sleeps and Bury Tomorrow headliner sets will not collide.

Under the direction of The Wonder Years, the Dickies Stage will host a performance of their classic album The Upsides, as well as some of the most interesting emo names.

American Stalwarts Motion City Soundtrack and Four Year Strong return together with Knuckle Puck and ROAM.

They will be joined by With Confidence, Bayside, I Am The Avalanche, Greyscale and Doll Skin.

Closing the Slam Dunk Festival-style party, the 3OH magicians! 3 will complete the evening with a special set full of their hits.

Alex Adam of ROAM said: “Slam Dunk is by far one of our favorite festivals to play.

“Come look at us again or we’ll never come back and then everyone will cry.”

Jayden Seeley of With Confidence said: “We have been busy working on our new sound for the past few months.

“We are really excited to be playing Slam Dunk this year and introducing the next era of With Confidence!”

Pushing the boundaries with two levels in one, the Key Club stage, in homage to the Leeds club, will see alternative names in the formation.

Top the bill and celebrate the tenth anniversary of their acclaimed album All our kings are dead will be the British rockers Young Guns.

They will be joined by Hands Like Houses, the post-rock movements of the troupe, the Swedish favorites Normandie and the Parisian crowd Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

There will also be a ska showdown between [Spunge] and popes of Chillitown.

Yours Truly and Days and Daze complete the line-up together with new additions Vukovi, Static Dress, Wargasm, Sleep On It and The Bottom Line.

There will also be secret special guests.

Hosting the sets of Derek Sanders from Mayday Parade, I Am The Avalanche’s Vinnie Carauna and Elder Brother, the Acoustic stage made fun of some other names heading to Leeds and Hatfield this May.

Vinnie Caruna will play a set with The Movielife classics and solo material, while Derek brings an acoustic twist to the singular hymns of Mayday Parade.

Set to join Bedouin Soundclash and This Wild Life, the acoustic stage will be the reference destination for singles stripped with beloved names of the Slam Dunk Festival.


A, Basement, Bayside, Bedouin Soundclash, Billy Talent, Blood Youth, Bury Tomorrow, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, Code Orange, Comeback Kid, counterparts, Dance Gavin Dance, Days and Daze, Deez Nuts, Doll Skin, Don Broco, Dream State, Elder Brother, Face to Face, Fit for a King, Four Year Strong, Free throw, grayscale, hands like houses, I Am The Avalanche, Ice Nine Kills, Issues, Knuckle Puck, Mayday Parade, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Motion City Soundtrack, Movements, NOFX, Normandie, Pennywise, Polaris, Papes of Chillitown, Big Fish Reel, Rejected, ROAM, Sleep over, Dive, Stand Atlantic, State Champions, Static dress, Stray from the Path, Sum 41, The Bottom Line, The Faim, The Story so far, The Suicide Machines, The Vandals , The Wonder Years, Trash Boat, Vinnie Carauna, Vukovi, Wargasm, We are the crowd, we came as Romans, while she sleeps confidently, Young Guns, Your Demise, Yours Truly, and 3OH! 3.


Aspen Laugh Fest: Comedian Dusty Slay to bridge the American red-blue divide

Dusty killing
Courtesy photo

He might be wearing a trucker hat and telling jokes in a southern hit, but Dusty Slay isn’t quite what you’d expect. It’s more of a Jerry Seinfeld trailer park than a new generation of Jeff Foxworthy.

Kill models the strong observational humor about everyday problems and his education in Alabama. The comedian, who will be the co-star of the Aspen Laugh Festival on Friday evening with Taylor Tomlinson and Adam Ray, has understood that he can joke about poverty and tow life in the park with love and without making class and lame humor. In recent years, as the United States has become more divided between red and blue factions, Slay has been a rare bridge between them.

“I have people from all political parties coming to my shows and I don’t want that kind of thing to keep us from laughing together,” he said in a telephone interview from home in Nashville.

Slay’s national profile has grown in recent years with the characteristics of Comedy Central, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel and in the main places in clubs across the country.

He developed his comic ribs by working in Charleston, South Carolina – a liberal city in a conservative state – which he believed helped him thread the needle of our culturally full and politically divided moment. He can get laughter from good old men or cosmopolitan crowds or any other middle ground. Slay isn’t afraid to offend, he said, but he doesn’t want anyone to leave his show feeling worse than when they arrived.

“A long time ago I decided not to do comedies that would harm your feelings,” he explained. “So, whatever you’re bringing to the show, there’s nothing in my act that can hurt your feelings. I feel that being offended is a choice, but your feelings that you can’t control.”

He manages to make jokes about his difficult childhood, he discovered, because he loved that childhood. It comes from a loving place, he said.

“Growing up, I was in a two-bedroom trailer with my mom, two sisters and their boyfriends,” said Slay. “We packed that house and had fun. We watched NASCAR and watched wresting and did the stereotypical redneck stuff, but we loved it. I still like to live in the south and I like the people I live in. “

The last few years have been a turning point in the entertainment world for Slay, but for the country music lover boy, no gig will ever be as big as his Grand Ole Opry debut in 2019.

“It was comparable to the feeling I had first experienced at the” Tonight Show “,” said Slay. “At Opry, I spent eight minutes on stage for the first time and you should have recited the title of Madison Square Garden, as I felt. … It was amazing. “

Slay will do two Laugh Fest shows this weekend, co-directing the main stage on Friday and then doing a free Saturday show at Limelight Snowmass with Joe Praino. The atmosphere of the festival is a welcome change of pace for the comic, accustomed to jumping in the United States from solo concert to solo concert.

“I love talking about comedy, so I love festivals,” he said, pointing out how festivals offer the rare chance for comics to stay still and hang out for a few days together. “After a while I feel like the comics are about the only people I can identify with. You sit with the comics and say “Did you make this club?” “Did you do this?” You can speak forever. “

Slay crossed the path with Laugh Fest headliner colleague Norm Macdonald five years ago, when the then unknown Slay was a competitor of “Last Comic Standing” and Macdonald was a judge (along with Keenan Ivory Wayans and Roseanne Barr).

Slay didn’t go very far in the reality show contest.

“Norm was the only one who had anything positive to say,” he recalled with a laugh. “I’m a much better comic book now than I was in 2015 and I’m glad I don’t go further.”

Sharing a festival account with Macdonald, he said, is an honor: “My friends are excited to be on a poster with Norm Macdonald. Nobody beats Norm Macdonald.”

Along with the hat, long hair and glasses – “Many people tell me that I look like Forrest Gump after running for a long time” he joked – some apparently simple gestures have become scene signs for Slay: a short and friendly wave of the hand he uses to punctuate the lines and the phrase “We are having fun”, which has developed since his early days playing in grumpy crowds in stale rooms.

“I played a lot of bad concerts where I would go up to 15 people and none of them seemed happy,” he recalled. “I’d like to take the microphone and say” Okay, who was pumped? “It would make people laugh a bit because clearly no one was pumped. This evolved into” We’re having fun. “

But it’s actually more than a verbal tic or a personal slogan, he said.

“My job is to make it fun,” said Slay. “People make the mistake of going on stage and hitting the audience because energy isn’t where they want it to be. But I think it’s my job to get energy.”

Slay has performed in ComedyWorks in Denver and other parts of Colorado in recent years with the expansion of his national profile, but has never performed in Aspen before.

Slay is not a skier. He didn’t rule out trying it while he was in Aspen, but he didn’t seem sure of his alpine skills.

“I used to say,” I don’t have health insurance, so I don’t want to play extreme sports, “he said.” Now I have health insurance, but it’s not that good and I’m so bad at the things that move under my feet . “



Enter the area with Britney Spears on this pop-up experience

Enter the area with Britney Spears on this pop-up experience GMA

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