Elizaveta Boyarskaya helps with Leonov’s rehabilitation

The 34-year-old actress asked her colleagues to pay attention to the artist Leonov-Gladyshev.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya. Photo: Instagram.com/lizavetabo

Honored Artist of Russia Elizaveta Boyarskaya called on artists and filmmakers to help solve the health problems of a colleague. In her personal profile, the actress posted a post in which she spoke about the tragedy in the family Evgenia Leonova-Gladysheva.

According to Boyarskaya, Evgeny Borisovich received a serious head injury. This resulted in the artist’s disability.

“There are several rehabilitation courses behind. Evgeny Borisovich is in positive dynamics and each course is a big step forward, ”wrote Boyarskaya.

However, the cost of one rehabilitation course, as noted by the actress, costs 250 thousand rubles. And such procedures must be completed 3 times a year.

Having written how and where the artist can be helped, the performer of the role of Anna Timireva in the film “Admiral” added:

“We will be grateful to everyone who responds. Good luck to everyone, take care of yourself! “

Evgeny Leonov-Gladyshev
Actor Yevgeny Leonov-Gladyshev received a head injury. Photo: Instagram.com/lizavetabo

Note that Yevgeny Leonov-Gladyshev played in several cult films of his time at once: “The meeting place cannot be changed” and “State border”. The actor received the title of People’s and Honored Artist of Russia.

We also recall that recently the husband of Elizaveta Boyarskaya, actor Maxim Matveev, left the stage of the Oleg Tabakov Theater.


‘Free’ after 115 days of hospitalization and 28 tampons – Lombardy

Bergamasco returns to the family he had not embraced since March 31st

Marco Carrara returned home to Albino, in the province of Bergamo, after an odyssey lasting months. The 43-year-old – to whom Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte also wrote – was in fact hospitalized for Coronavirus 115 days and had to do 28 swabs before the green light.
It was March 31st when he entered the hospital at Giovanni XXIII, shortly after the death of his father Valerio from Covid. There remains a month and a half, then he spends a month at the San Francesco clinic and when his conditions worsen again he returns to John XXIII. Rehabilitation at the Piccinelli d Scanzorosciate Foundation begins on 8 June, also in the province of Bergamo. On July 24 he was discharged but “I couldn’t go home – he himself tells the Eco di Bergamo – because the swabs were still positive. So I put myself in quarantine in my father’s apartment, with my parents we looked at each other from the terrace but nothing more”. In short, no contact with his wife and two children. Only yesterday they were able to embrace again, at 2 pm, while the bells of the village were ringing for his return.
During these months, in response to an email that Prime Minister Conte had sent him “through his secretary he offered me condolences for the death of my father and wishes me”, and then there was a phone call from the vicar general of Pope Angelo Comastri and the bishop of Bergamo Francesco Beschi.
Now “I would like to go to the cemetery to visit my parents, then for a few days – he concludes – to stay at home with my children and my wife”.