Director Alexei Uchitel – about the new nudity of Christina Asmus: “I was amazed!”

Each has its own isolation. Someone got stuck in Bali, someone climbed away into the wilderness, someone does not leave the city apartment. And here Director Alexey Uchitel (“Walk”, “Land”, “Diary of his wife”) is completing work on a new painting – “47”, dedicated to the journey of Victor’s tomb Tsoi to the northern capital after deadly Accident in 1990.

In a conversation with the writer Alexander Tsypkin, based on the works of which the series is already being shot, the director remembered how he convinced Tsoi to star in his film and why


“When we shot“ Rock ”in 1986, none of that company knew me – neither Grebenshchikov nor Garkusha. Who knows who I am? The KGB or something else. AND [чтобы наладить контакт] I chose the most silent – Tsoi. And he said: “Listen, Victor, let me come with an operator, a camera to your boiler room, and we will sit with you for a shift – and he was on duty for two days – and we’ll shoot. Not a single question, I swear, I will. As it is, it is. Then you come – take a look. If you don’t like it, we’ll disperse. ” And these were the first frames of the stoker, which now often show. I saw a lot of things: different people came and drank, but I honestly restrained myself – I didn’t move anything, I didn’t say “come here”. Perhaps that’s why it turned out to make a film. And then they came to my native Leningrad documentary studio in the director’s room with the whole Kino group – they watched in silence, went out in silence. I think: Christmas trees, sticks, what is there? I say: “Vit, tell me! Did you like it or not? ” And in response there was one word: “Normal.” This word gave me a sharp pass to life. After that, no one asked who I am and what they eat me with. ”

Frame from the movie “Rock”


“When a terrible accident occurred (Viktor Tsoi crashed on August 15, 1990 after the collision of his Moskvich in the oncoming lane with the Ikarus bus, which was driven by Janis Fibigs, on the highway SlokaTalsi – Aut.) From material that was not included in the Rock, we mounted the picture “The Last Hero”, then I met the driver of Ikarus, who was driving, and spoke with the investigator. Then it settled down with me. When you go and don’t know who Tsoi is … and then life changes abruptly (the driver was found not guilty, but nevertheless became known throughout the USSR – Aut.). The story of our picture “47” begins with an accident, and then begins the journey of the bus with Tsoi’s coffin in Petersburg. A kind of roadflies. The one who is driving does not know who all these people close to Choi are (Ricochet performed by Ilya Del, wife Natalya Reasons performed by Paulina Andreeva etc.), but they don’t know what kind of driver it is.

About 7-8 years ago, Sasha Gonorovsky (“The Land”, “From Five to Seven”) wrote the script, but we did not shoot. I thought that it was irrelevant, but interest in Tsoi is growing more and more every year. This is a mystery that no one will solve. With all due respect and Vysotskyand to Okudzhavaaccording to how often they sing, Choi overtook them. ”

In December, I starred in the full-length film Whaling. This is not horror)))), this is drama. I played the girl from the video chat Uuuf))) But I hasten to upset you, there were no naughty scenes. It’s even straight offensive. But there was my longest double in my career, which lasted 43 minutes. Studio: @ Production: Russia, Poland Gen. producer: Aleksey Uchitel Director and screenwriter: Philipp Yuryev Camera-man: Mikhail Khursevich, Yakov Mironchev Which image from the movie do you like more?


“At our Rock studio, we also shoot full-length debuts. One of my students Philip Yuriev seven years he wrote the script for the painting “Whalers”, which he then shot in Kamchatka. A stunning story will soon be shown at one of the major festivals, if it takes place. So, according to the plot, whalers are watching a computer showing a undressing girl [из секс-чата]. And this heroine was supposed to play Christina Asmus. She read the script, she liked it, agreed. Then the film “Text” comes out, this whole story takes place (after naked scenes with Ivan Yankovsky the actress’s husband, Harik Kharlamov, was sucked as a cuckold, in the end couple gets divorced and assures that the cinema has nothing to do with it – Auth.). And then an agent calls me and explains that Christina can’t act in our scene. I begged them to come to the studio, Asmus apologized for a long time that it would not work. Hoping for nothing, I turned on her 10 minutes of the film, she looked and said: “That’s it. Let’s. When to shoot? ” I asked again: “Are you not afraid that they will start rinsing again?” “This is my business,” she said firmly and starred wonderfully. I was amazed! ”


“This is not vulgarity, but real life”: Christina Asmus told how she decided on the bed scene in the new film

For the sake of the role in the 18+ tape, the actress first completely undressed on the screen and herself shot intimate shots on the phone (details)


Ukrainian mayor burned the flag of Russia in front of the embassy in Kiev

The politician called the Russian Federation “the occupying country”

The Ukrainian mayor burned the flag of Russia in front of the embassy in Kiev. Photo: frame from the video from Artyom Semenikhin’s Facebook page

Resize text:

Head of the Ukrainian city Konotop, which is located on the border with Russian territory in the Sumy region, Artem Semenikhin burned the flag Of Russia in front of the diplomatic mission in Kiev. The politician posted a video with this misconduct on his page on the social network Facebook.

– I stand under the embassy of the “occupying country.” I do this in response to the Ukrainian blogger Tolik Shary, who recently released a video about me, in which he allegedly exposes me in something. I watched this video and realized that my greatest sin is that I once burned the flag of Russia when I was in the ATO (military operation in Donbass“, – commented on the actions of the video Artyom Semenikhin.

After that, the Ukrainian mayor, to the sounds of the anthem of his country, burned the Russian flag. Semenikhin arranged his “action”, being across the street from the Russian embassy. Moreover: in a commentary on the published video, the head of Konotop wrote threats against the Russian president. Representatives of the Russian embassy have not yet commented on this situation.

The Ukrainian mayor and before that distinguished himself with several anti-Russian actions. At the beginning of this year, the head of the city of IvanoFrankivsk Ruslan Martsinkiv said that he had consulted with a Konotop colleague, and they decided to install a statue near the Russian border in honor of the leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists * Stepan Bandera.

Earlier, the site wrote that the Ukrainian journalist Ostap Drozdov confessed his hatred of Ukraine. He said that the only goal of his state is to be the antipode of Russia, “there is no other purpose for the existence of independent Ukraine”

* prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation



The European Commission recommended not to open EU borders until June 15 :: Society :: RBC

Measures on the external borders of the EU should be mitigated after the gradual removal of restrictions on movement within the Union itself is carried out, the European Commission noted

Photo: Andrew Medichini / AP

Continuing restrictions on travel to Schengen countries for residents of non-European countries will reduce the risks of coronavirus spreading in the EU, the European Commission said in a recommendation to EU member states to extend the temporary ban on entry “on non-essential trips” until June 15.

“While a number of EU states and some countries associated with Schengen have begun to mitigate measures to combat the pandemic, the situation remains unstable both in Europe and around the world. Maintaining measures at external borders is necessary in order to reduce the risks of the spread of the disease due to trips to the EU, ”the document says.

The European Commission noted that the previously adopted “road map” implies a phased removal of restrictions on movement within the EU, after which, at the second stage, it will be possible to begin to mitigate measures already at the external borders of the union.

Macron announced the closure of the entrance to Schengen on March 17

Emmanuel Macron

Entrance to the countries of the Schengen zone, as well as to the European Union, was restricted for foreigners in mid-March. Crossing the EU border is only allowed for those with an urgent reason (such as a funeral or subpoena), a residence permit or a long-term visa.

In mid-April, the European Commission issued a joint roadmap for European countries to phase out restrictions. According to it, the EU member states should weaken the antiviral measures taken, guided by the statistics on incidence, as well as taking into account the willingness to accept new patients and the introduction of mass testing.

The distribution of coronavirus Covid-19 in the world

Number of confirmed cases of infection

Source: JHU

World Data i

Victoria Polyakova


New venerables, a father and his daughter on the road to holiness

Receiving Tuesday May 5 Cardinal Angelo Becciu, Prefect for the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, Pope Francis authorized him to issue decrees recognizing the heroic virtues of five new venerables.

Among them are Francisco and Conchita Barrecheguren, a father and his daughter who thus go together towards holiness.

Born in 1905 in Granada, little Concepción Barrecheguren developed a living faith when she was very young, but in 1926, returning from a pilgrimage to Lisieux, she discovered that she was sick with tuberculosis.

She died the following year, with a reputation for holiness throughout Granada and, great devotion was organized around her grave at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in the Andalusian city.

Became a widower in 1937, his father Francisco (1881-1957), very marked by his daughter’s spiritual journey, joined the Redemptorists in 1948 at the age of 60. From 1949 until his death in 1957, he devoted himself to the sanctuary of Perpetual Help in Granada, also working a lot in the process of canonization of his daughter.

The Congregation for the Causes of Saints also recognized the heroic virtues of Matteo Farina (1990-2009), a young Italian from Brindisi (Apulia), known from childhood for his radiant faith and who died at 19 years of age from a brain tumor.

Two Italian priests

The other two new venerables whose heroic virtues have been recognized are the father Francesco Caruso (1879-1951), priest of the Italian diocese of Catanzaro-Squillace known for his activity as a confessor, and the father Carmine De Palma (1876-1961), priest of the Italian diocese of Bari-Bitonto.

The heroic virtues are only the first step towards beatification, which will only be possible after the recognition of a miracle obtained by the intercession of the new venerables.


we recognized each other, united and fraternal

I live alone, and since confinement I haven’t met anyone. Duly provided with my derogatory travel certificate checked in the box “Brief trips, within the limit of one hour daily and within a maximum radius of one kilometer … linked to individual physical activity …”, I went to get some air – and a big bowl, because the wind was very strong. I was able to go to a bridge over the nearby highway, 850 meters from my home.

I stopped for a few moments on the bridge to contemplate the deserted highway: very rare cars and, most of them, but so few … trucks. There came three in quick succession, and I watched them come, without moving, a small, motionless figure on the bridge, clearly visible, however, no doubt.

In a way, internally, I encouraged them, supported them: they too are struggling. Two pass, indifferent. And now the third driver understood, and waved to me, which I barely had time to answer. But immeasurable joy seized me. Well, we recognized each other, united and fraternal.

And I said to a friend after: “Well, it was worth it, two weeks of confinement, to feel such joy. “ By the end of confinement, I will return to the deck. And no doubt, I would dare to make a more visible gesture for truck drivers.



“Play in the sandbox – yes, but work

This car was developed by ZAF company from Nizhny Novgorod.

The van factory has created a compact dump truck based on the UAZ-3303. This is a two-seater body with a 4 × 4 wheel arrangement, with a gross weight of 3070 kg. The length is 4501 mm, the width is 1940 mm in the cabin and 2170 mm in the mirrors, the height is 2064 mm. The tilt angle of the body is 45 degrees, it can be adjusted due to the 4-section hydraulic cylinder and 12-volt hydraulic station.

Under the hood is a ZMZ-40911.10 EURO-5 gasoline 4-stroke engine with a volume of 2.7 liters and a capacity of 112 liters. with. working in tandem with a five-speed manual gearbox. The maximum torque here is 198 Nm at 2500 rpm. The transfer case is mechanical, two-stage, with direct and lower gear. The maximum speed typed by the Loaf truck is 115 km / h. The volume of the fuel tank is 50 l. Average fuel consumption of 11 liters per 100 km.

Front and rear suspension dependent spring. Ventilated brakes with disc mechanisms are installed on the front axle, and drum brakes on the rear axle. It also has a hydraulic power steering.

The Loaf dump truck overcomes ford up to 500 mm deep. The wheelbase is 2550 mm, the track of the front and rear wheels is 1465 mm. There are 6.5Jx16H2 rims with 225 / 75R16 tires. The turning radius along the axis of the front outer wheel is 7 m. The angle of entry and exit is 30 and 29 degrees, respectively. Ground clearance 205 mm.

This dump truck is designed for the transport of goods weighing 1225 kg. It is not clear who wants to take a car with such a low payload. Especially considering that there are already even ordinary cars on which you can download even more. But perhaps motorists will be attracted by the price of a model that is below 300 thousand rubles.

“Do not play in the sandbox, yes, but don’t tell me to work”, “You were 40 years late with this design”, “American light trailers for 6 tons of rubble are dragging, and our engineers stayed in the 50s”, “On a walk-behind tractor I’ll load more ”,“ It’s time to write off, and they are updating, ”users leave such comments on the network.


Truckers looking for recognition

“Strictly prohibited for truckers”. The poster posted in front of the coffee distributor in the PSA factory in Vesoul (Haute-Saône) last week set fire to the powder, targeting a profession already on edge. The bitterness of feeling despised has turned to anger, with the feeling of being neglected.

→ LIVE. Coronavirus: France enters its eighth day of confinement

Launched on the roads, with their food loads, medicines and essentials, the truck drivers collided with closed restaurants, locked sanitary facilities, blocked parking lots, condemned rest areas. No protective device had been granted to them. No masks, no gloves, no hydroalcoholic gel. They were reduced to gleaning food here and there or filling their cabins with canned goods to try to keep the week going…

Their personal commitment in the service of the general interest

The massive and panicked use of e-commerce is also ultimately based on their availability. They were asked to ride longer, even on Sundays, to reduce their rest time, to be available. Over the days, the disgust has given way to a start of revolt, with the threat of a strike brandished by the unions, relayed by the federations of carriers, denouncing, together, conditions “Deplorable and inhuman”.

It took four days before we realized that the truckers were an essential cog. That, without them, the country could stop. So that we can discover the reality of their commitment to serving the general interest.

Considered “ plagued

What happened was only the amplification of what the truckers testify to constantly undergo. But this time, bumping into factories and warehouses at the command not to approach, they felt like “Plague victims”.

“Year round, we are shot at with red bullets, complains Annick Niquet, on the road. And now, everything is expected of us, without giving us the slightest consideration, without worrying about our health security, or even guaranteeing a minimum of hygiene. Worse, we are rejected! “ Some, says Bruno Triquet, a truck driver, were unable to unload, even while staying in their cabins. They were chased from the warehouses where they came to deliver.

“The situation remains very uncertain, underlines Michel Sarrat, CEO of the company GT Solutions. All economic activity is disorganized. Our visibility does not exceed one day. Right now, we have partially unemployed drivers. For the others, we equip them with jerry cans of water, soap, hydroalcoholic gel, but we have trouble finding any. “

“The key to any victory is transportation and logistics”

Thursday March 19, the government suddenly took the measure of the risk of neglecting this social category, capital for the general survival. Declarations, arrested in order to improve their working conditions as quickly as possible and try to ensure their health security.

→ READ. Drop in prices and pandemic, Total goes on a dry diet

In Déols (Indre), Dominique Thomas, the owner of L’Escale, the largest road restaurant in France, forced to close his establishment, struggled to reopen and offer maximum security for truckers. He came up against, he says, the slowness of administrative authorizations.

“We supply the front”

“The key to any wartime victory is transportation and logistics, recalls Florence Berthelot, general delegate of the FNTR (National Federation of Road Transport), the main employers’ organization. What happened the first few days? Deteriorated conditions for mistreated drivers, confusion on the roads with lorries charged on the pretext that they were not transporting essential materials, while everything is in place and that all the links must hold, a serious imbalance between the sectors which close, due to lack of activity or personnel, and the food industries which are overheated. A number of these issues are being resolved, including the issue of partial unemployment which will benefit the profession. “

Routier, Pierre Audet enrage: “In warehouses, we park in a group of rooms. We are kept at a distance. We are denied access to toilets, even to sinks. We throw the papers at us rather than hand them over to us. We can’t take it anymore! “

So why are they getting back behind the wheel? “We supply the front. I’m going back because it’s my duty, says Pierre Audet. I do it for mine and for the country. “


Deaths among employees

The deaths due to Covid-19 of a Carrefour employee in Saint-Denis and a Manpower temporary worker on a mission with Fedex in Roissy, and the confirmed case of an Amazon employee in Saran, near Orléans, Friday, March 27, angered unions, who demand better protections. The CGT asks the government to impose on large retailers “to open only the shelves of essential products, to limit the opening hours and to close on Sundays”.

The SUD union requests the closure of Amazon’s French warehouses, which would continue to treat leisure articles (games, comics, DVDs, etc.), despite the group’s announcement on March 21 that they will no longer take orders “lower priority” products in France and Italy.


Albania and North Macedonia on the way to Europe

“Your future is in the EU”, welcomed EU enlargement commissioner Oliver Varhelyi on Tuesday 24 March to North Macedonia and Albania, after the European Union countries finally agreed on the principle of the opening of accession negotiations with these two small Balkan states which have been knocking on the door of the EU for a long time.

European leaders still have to ratify this decision on Thursday, March 26, taken by the ministers in charge of European affairs, and the Commission to prepare the framework for negotiations before the very long process towards European integration officially begins.

A “yes but” for Albania

This agreement puts an end to the procrastination of the Member States on the question of enlargement to the Western Balkans which has been declared “priority” for the EU. The Commission has been recommending that negotiations start with Skopje for eleven years and two years with Tirana. Last year, France took the lead in the anti-enlargement sling before obtaining both stricter and reversible membership procedures.

This time Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark formulate a “yes but” for Albania and demand from Tirana additional reforms, notably in the area of ​​electoral law, financing of political parties and justice, before to start talks. At the beginning of March, the Commission nevertheless assessed positive results “New tangible and lasting results” obtained by these countries.

For political scientist Loic Trégourès, “States are afraid that once they join the EU, these countries will slip. But this illustrates the failure of democratic control over the rule of law and the use of European funds. The problem is the functioning of the EU, not the entry of these small states. “


an electric car with off road skills and capacity to carry six people




TRACY is a prototype created by the students of the Master in Transport Design of the European Design Institute of Turin (Italy), a car 100% electric with off-road skills, as well as functional for public or private use and aimed at users especially aware of the respect for the environment.

As explained by their authors and collected from Electric mobility, is the result of a “thesis project focused on pure experimentation, free of any market restrictions”. “TRACY is a vehicle that interprets the challenges of modernity and expands the concept of shared sustainable mobility,” they say. In fact, the big news is that, for the first time, a form of shared transportation can leave the urban context.

Despite its compact size (3,740 millimeters in length, 2,205 mm in width and 2,083 mm in height), this curious car offers enough space for a maximum of up to six occupants, although in a somewhat peculiar arrangement: the rear seats form a L-shaped sofa bed. Specifically, the driver stays facing the road and the rest of the passengers are facing each other.