Amazing: Tini Stoessel sweeps the nets with transparent white bodysuit

The Argentine singer Tini Stoessel devastated on social networks showing a very angelic and sensual look that captivated all his followers in the purest style of the brand El Secreto de Victoria. With a translucent white fabric bodysuit that has lace at the top, and her long hair; the girlfriend of Sebastian Yatra showed a […]

Hantavirus, the other health threat that has emerged in China?

A man in China died of hantavirus and the networks are alarmed, but there is no reason Just as China begins to lift restrictions on movement among its population after being the epicenter of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, a news widely disseminated on the internet came to alarm many users of the network. A man […]

Mariah Carey enjoys quarantine exercising at home

Singer Mariah Carey He does not stop his exercise routine despite the measures imposed by the government ordering not to leave home after the spread of the COVID-19. The interpreter of “All I want for Christmas is you” shared a video through social networks where She wears black gloves, sunglasses and sandals, and protects herself […]

How Republicans and Democrats think of coronavirus

Aaron E. Carroll and Ashish Jha: Here’s how we can beat the coronavirus The disparity between the parties was underlined Thursday afternoon when Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and California Governor Gavin Newsom, both Democrats, issued quick orders that closed all non-essential activities, first in the city and then in the entire state. , a […]

Bad Bunny shares how the coronavirus quarantine lives – Noticieros Televisa

The Puerto Rican singer of trap, Bad bunny shows for several days to his followers, on his social networks, how he is going living quarantine to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, which has led to millions of views. It may interest you: Coronavirus changes life on the entire planet; confines almost a billion […]

Chivas changes its name to prevent coronavirus

In the Guadalajara they do not stop inviting the fans to follow the necessary measures to take care of the coronavirus, reason why in their social networks they changed their name in a particular way. “CHIVAS to wash your hands” appears in the men’s team account, while in the women’s team you can read “CHIVAS […]

José Juan Macías launches his #JJchallenge

The striker of Chivas José Juan Macías, has established with all the fans a commitment to share daily at 09:00 in the morning, the different routines that he will perform in the physical aspect, so that those who like to do it in this wait at home for the COVID-19, have options to exercise. “Hey […]