Flu or cold? How to tell the difference

Cough, runny nose, fever: is it a flu or a cold? How to tell the difference and when it is better to see a doctor. Again and again waves of disease go through Germany. But how do you know if you have the flu or just a normal cold? This is not so easy to […]

What you should know about flu

What is the typical time for a flu wave? How much protection does a flu shot offer? How is the infection going? Here is the most important information. From Sibylle Hübner-Schroll That hits every year flu many people. In this article we answer the most important questions about Influenza. When do flu waves occur? Flu […]

Covid-19 and flu: this is the key difference

The coronavirus and the resulting disease Covid-19 is no worse than the flu – with this argument, critics are causing more and more attention. Motto: Half as wild, all scaremongering. But the comparison between corona and flu is limping. One difference in particular is crucial. The first week of the prescribed ban on contacts and […]

Virus infections: what differentiates corona and flu

The head of the Robert Koch Institute turned to the public in emphatic words last week: “This disease is more severe and will affect more people,” said Lothar Wieler about the comparison between flu and the coronavirus-induced lung disease Covid-19. “If there are still people in our country who think that is scaremongering, then I […]

Volker Wieland talks about the consequences of the corona crisis

Patients with Spanish flu are lying in beds in an emergency hospital at Camp Funston, Fort Riley Military Base, Kansas (photo taken in 1918). Picture: dpa The economist Volker Wieland talks about the consequences of the corona crisis, tight protective clothing, inflation – and the necessary duration of the shutdown. Professor Wieland, how long can […]