300 to 400 to pay tribute to Mya and her mother, killed in Spa (video)

This Monday evening, several hundred people gathered in Spa, in compliance with health and social distancing rules, to pay tribute to Françoise Donckers and her daughter, Mya. The two Spadoises were found dead at home this Saturday morning, in the rue du Waux-Hall. A balloon release had been programmed in memory of these two angels who left far too early.


Jordan, 9, moves a whole country after his intervention on television

It is a story that moved a whole country in just a few seconds. Because when a Fox59 News reporter asks little Jordan, 9, the place he would like to travel to, he simply replies: “In an adoption party to have a house.”

One thing is certain, the little American does not ask for much. Even though he had three wishes, Jordan would only want one thing: “to have a family, a family, a family.” These are my only wishes. I would like to have a family to have a mom and a dad. Or just a mom, or a dad, I don’t care. That way, I’ll have someone to talk to whenever I need it ”.

Words that have been heard. Because after telling his story (the boy has been living with a foster family since he was three), 5,000 adoption requests were made. “Several families had previously expressed their interest, but decided at the time that it was not the right time for them to adopt. We therefore had difficulty placing it. I am very excited about this and I am very hopeful that a home will be found for this child, ”said the man responsible for finding a family for Jordan today.


Filled from prison and stole a car – the Last Hour

(ANSA) – FOGGIA, 27 JUN – With the accusation of having embezzled by
violence for some motorists their cars during
the evasion of the mass of the 9 of march last from the prison of Foggia, 15
inmates were reached during these hours by a measure
detention in a prison run by the police and the police on the
the disposal of the judiciary of foggia. That morning, in
full emergency coronavirus, during the protests that erupted in
the prison, filled 72 inmates, some of whom robbed
the drive to motorists in transit and used for the
escape. Almost all of the escapees in the days after the escape
they were brought to justice: some were, others,
instead, they were captured by police forces. Currently between
the 72 prisoners, missing only Christopher Aghilar,, 37,,
that in October last he killed the mother of his ex-girlfriend to
Orta Nova in Foggia.(ANSA).