Suffering and dystrophy, for twin subcutaneous defibrillators – Medicine

(ANSA) – MILAN, JULY 12 – Two twins suffering from muscular dystrophy were operated on the same day by the professionals of Thoracic Surgery and Cardiology at the Mantua hospital, …

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Blood donation Biarritz August 28

Where Sang Biarritz Maison du don 28 August. Reserves are on the decline. On Tuesday August 28, before or after the beach, go through the Maison du don in ….

Patients, caregivers, young people, people in precariousness … The pandemic also has a psychological impact

The psychological consequences of the health crisis are worrying. Those suffered by Covid patients to begin with. “At least 20% of them have psychological consequences: chronic anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress …

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Virologist of the RAS listed the consequences caused by coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

Russian scientists have come to the conclusion that a person who has a coronavirus infection with COVID-19 may face serious brain damage. About it reported The publication “Evening Moscow”, a …

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Coronavirus is not a flu

Coronavirus, a “flu”? the doctors who claimed it two months ago have changed their tone. “When the first Chinese patient was diagnosed with coronavirus, a colleague told me” don’t forget …

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