Around 15,000 runners will take part in the Riga Marathon over the weekend. Strict rules are in place

It has already been reported that on Monday, after the extraordinary government meeting, the Minister of Health Ilze Hänķele (AP) indicated that possible clarifications on the organization of the “Rimi Riga Marathon” due to Covid-19 will be discussed this week.

As it will not be possible to keep a distance of two meters from other runners in the start area, the organizers invite all participants to come to the Freedom Monument in face masks, especially if runners arrive at the start area by public transport, where they are mandatory from Wednesday. Masks will also be a mandatory requirement in the start corridors, although the length of stay will not exceed ten minutes.

All participants are invited to download the “Stop Covid” app and assess their health during the day of the marathon. If you feel unwell, be sure to stay home. Persons subject to quarantine or self-isolation are prohibited.

Although a total of about 15,000 participants will take part in the “Rimi Riga Marathon” over the weekend, the start times of the distances are scattered in waves so that no more than 2,500 participants gather together.

The start, which usually involved massive gatherings and gatherings on the embankment on November 11, will be “broken” in the “waves” and corridors at the Freedom Monument this year so as to minimize the number of people together, the time spent together and the number of participants at the same time. No more than 500 participants will gather in one corridor, no more than 2,500 participants in one “wave”.

The new tracks are planned to separate the start (at the Freedom Monument) from the finish (November 11 in Krastmala), further dividing the flow of participants. In turn, all activities on the track and at the finish will be focused on the participants finishing, scattering and not crowding.

“We have created a detailed schedule for the distribution of marathon participants in order to reduce the risks of infection with Covid-19.” Rimi Riga Marathon “On the small tracks of the Children’s Day on October 10, start times this year are indicated on the participants’ numbers. On October 11, the maximum number of participants in the start will be ten kilometers away, but it will also be less than 3000. In the start corridors, we invite you to use the face masks you bring and on Children’s Day we invite parents to use the masks as well,

Given that face masks must be worn on public transport from Wednesday and some participants will come to the start of the marathon by public transport, the organizers call not to remove the masks on the way to the start and in the start corridors. After the start, disposable masks will be able to be disposed of in specially equipped Latvian Green Dot waste containers on the side of the track.

Face masks are not mandatory for children under 13, but parents are encouraged to be responsible and wear masks on Children’s Day.

The marathon organizers also invite all participants who have not yet downloaded the “Stop Covid” app to do so before the start, in order to facilitate the search for contacts, if necessary.

“Rimi Riga Marathon” will take place this year without the large selection of elite runners typical of the Golden Marathons, as well as without the participation of foreign running lovers and marathon-tourists who could not afford ten days of self-isolation and moved to May 2021 anywhere in the world, using the “Rimi Riga Marathon” virtual running club platform. The only foreigners for whom special permits approved by the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers are held are those elite runners who have expressed a wish to run in Riga for the qualification of Olympic regulations for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

In total, at the weekend of October 10 and October 11, at least 15,000 Latvian participants and a “handful” of foreigners will start scattered on tracks of different distances. Children’s Days on the small tracks on October 10 from 10 am to 2 pm in the 200-meter distance 300-400 children will start every hour, in the 400-meter distance – 400-500 children, but on the “Happy Babies” track 100-150 babies will start.

1716 participants were registered for the Family Race planned for the end of the Children’s Day at 15.00 On Sunday, October 11, 795 marathoners will go on the 42-kilometer distance on the marathon day, at 7.30 pm 2364 half-marathon participants will start, while at 12.30 2734 ten-kilometer participants will start. The 5.5-kilometer distance is divided into two “waves” and in each of them about 2,000 runners will start.

Due to security reasons and restrictions on gatherings, there will be no EXPO this year – the participants received the start numbers for the first time and will continue to receive the marathon’s official courier mail this week. There will also be luggage storage only for long distances (42 and 21 kilometers) in order to avoid possible crowding of participants of six and ten kilometers.

The organizers call on the six- and ten-kilometer runners to think about clothing suitable for October in time, taking into account that storage for the shortest distances will not be provided. Also, there will be no team tents and activities that provide for gatherings this year.

Some other important safety aspects to consider for participants – participants’ benefits at energy points and at the finish will be offered only in pre-packaged form – water (0.5 liter “Mangali” water bottles), pre-packaged SIS gel for long distance participants, pre-packaged snacks for finishers and other benefits.

Covid-19 restriction announcements will be played regularly at the start and finish of the marathon. Informative environmental stands with an invitation to observe a distance of two meters will be placed both at the start and at the finish, as well as at the luggage storage. Hand sanitizers will also be available everywhere.

The team of marathon organizers and volunteer assistants, who will work closely with the runners, such as medal distributors, will be equipped with “Shield48 visors” and face masks. The rest of the staff will be provided with reusable face masks and will wear them whenever they cannot keep a distance of two meters.

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As reported, the “Rimi Riga Marathon” is one of the few World Athletics Association Gold Label marathons in the world, which will take place this year according to the instructions of epidemiologists.

The Riga Marathon distance will offer one of the rare and last opportunities for athletes to qualify for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics this year.

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Criminal proceedings have been initiated in connection with the transaction of the road construction company Binders in Lithuania

She pointed out that “Binders” had received a letter from the SRS stating that criminal proceedings had been initiated in the service and therefore the SRS had asked the company to submit documents on one specific transaction.

“I can confirm that the SRS has asked the company for information about a transaction with a Lithuanian company in 2018, which commissioned a study of the Lithuanian road construction market, looking in detail at the three main positions of interest to Binders – the Lithuanian road construction industry and the market as a whole. “Road construction companies in Lithuania and quarry farms in the neighboring country. In the framework of contractual obligations, several consultative works were held,” said Noriņa.

Asked which Lithuanian company it was and how much the contract was worth, Norina said that the company could not disclose such information.

On the other hand, when asked whether the 2018 transaction with the Lithuanian company is the only “Binders” transaction in Lithuania that the SRS is interested in, Noriņa answered in the affirmative. “We do not know the reasons why the SRS needs information about this transaction, but the company has submitted all the confirmations of the above transaction to the SRS,” Noriņa pointed out.

The representative of “Binders” explained that this transaction was concluded with a contract, the service has been accepted by a deed of transfer, it has been paid, there are copies of invoices, confirmations of payment orders. Also, the receipt and payment of the service has been carried out in strict compliance with the value added tax and accounting regulations, and Binders hopes that the services, which are currently reviewing the information collected and sent by the company, will also ascertain this.

Noriņa explained that the study commissioned by the Lithuanian company was necessary in order to streamline the company’s previous efforts to enter the neighboring country’s market.

“During the last three years we have worked there in relatively small amounts. It is clear that we are competitive in meeting the requirements of construction technologies and quality standards, because there are no big differences in comparison with the Latvian market in Lithuania, but each market has its own specifics, and we understood that professional informative help is needed in order to better understand the nuances of the Lithuanian market in general, “Noriņa said.

Representatives of “Binders” also expressed the opinion that the Lithuanian company has performed the work in accordance with the terms of the order, thus the company changed its original strategy in the Lithuanian market, and it has the first results. Last year, Binders won the largest road construction procurement in the neighborhood so far.

“Over the last three years, the company has paid a total of about two million euros to various service providers in Lithuania, consisting of subcontracting, accounting, legal, conference, tender preparation and other consulting services in the neighboring country,” Noriņa added.

SRS representative Andrejs Vaivars confirmed to LETA that the SRS has initiated criminal proceedings against “Binders”, but pointed out that according to the Law on Taxes and Duties, detailed comments on a specific taxpayer cannot be provided.

The turnover of the road construction company “Binders” in 2018 was 86.751 million euros, which is 34% more than in 2017, while the company’s profit increased by 3.1% and reached 5.205 million euros, according to “” information. The company’s financial data for 2019 have not yet been published.

Binders was registered in 1993 and has a share capital of EUR 5,851,820. The owners of “Binders” are SIA “Nule 7” (40%), the real beneficiary of which is Armands Garkāns, SIA “Taino 1” (30%), the real beneficiary of which is Alvis Tanbergs, and SIA “Trustee” (30%) , the real beneficiary of which is Normunds Luste.

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The Basketball Union significantly tightens the rules restricting Covid-19

It has already been reported that on Monday, October 5, at an extraordinary meeting of the government, the Minister of Health Ilze Ņķele (AP) admitted that this week the discussion on restrictions on gathering at indoor sports events and events without personalized seats could begin. At the same time, the Minister of Health expressed that the issue of indoor sports events is also on the agenda. She referred to an observation made at a weekend basketball game where no spectator seats were allocated during the game.

The Minister did not mention a specific game, but the requirement to observe a distance of two meters was not observed in the “Ogre” – “VEF Rīga” game, as well as partly in the other two Latvian-Estonian Basketball League matches held on Saturday.

The Board of LBS also later found that in several places there were serious mistakes in the organization of games, which pose a threat to public health and may endanger the course of future competitions.

“The first official games of the season have shown that Latvian fans are longing for basketball, and emotions sometimes prevail over caution. We, the organizers of the competition, were not fully prepared for such a situation. Although all the necessary documents have been accepted and we have talked a lot with club representatives. to act in various possible situations, the practice offered unforeseen challenges, “LBS quotes the director of the Latvian Basketball League Kristaps Janicenok.

“We have identified the mistakes and they will be eliminated in future games. At the same time, I urge basketball fans to be aware of the various restrictions adopted to protect the health of both competitors and spectators as much as possible and competitions in Latvian leagues can take place according to the game calendar.”

In order to strengthen epidemiological safety measures, the Board of LBS has clarified and supplemented the “Procedure for Implementation of Epidemiological Safety Measures to Limit the Spread of Covid-19 Infection in Basketball Competitions Organized by LBS”, which has been in force since September 18, 2020.

The new rules stipulate that the team submits to the game commissioner (“Pafbet” in the Latvian-Estonian league, “Ramirent” in the National Basketball League and the Latvian Cup) before each official tournament game organized by LBS together with the application for the game (not later than 20 minutes before the match) ) or statements completed and signed by the match secretary (Douglas Baltic League and Regional League). Certificates must also be filled in by the judges of the playground and the secretariat.

There are also stricter requirements for viewers. Namely, fans who are not from the same household must be two meters apart from each other in the stands / hall, as well as in relation to the team and the referee’s / secretariat areas. Spectators must wear mouth and nose pads (except for children under 13 years of age) while in the stands / hall. Medical, non-medical or hygienic masks, as well as “visors” and face shields can be used as mouth and nose masks.

The regulations also include a clause stipulating that the home team must determine the maximum number of fans allowed in the stands before each match, in accordance with Cabinet Regulation No. 360. Basketball halls will not be allowed to gather more than 50% of their capacity. Clubs must inform the Chief Referee of Latvian basketball leagues about the number of spectators allowed by October 9.

Teams are also encouraged to organize ticket sales remotely to prevent congestion at the box office.

The new rules are accompanied by specific sanctions, which will require the gaming commissioners to step up their monitoring of the above points. In the event of non-compliance, the referees have the right to suspend the game until the deficiencies have been remedied. In such cases, the losses incurred by the league due to the delay of the games will be borne by the home team.

In case the spectators do not observe the set distance during the match, and the LBS board decides that the match organizers should be punished, the clubs will have to part with 1,500 euros, and the next duel will have to be taken to empty stands.

LBS reports that the new regulations will take effect on October 9.

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VIDEO: “Lauku sēta” participants are in trouble – they are caught, we use alcohol

In the new work week, the hostess is thinking of new jobs. The participants, as promised to them, will fight in pairs this time.

Participants draw pairs and divide the weekly entries. This week, William and Venus will work together to clean the smokehouse, Agnis and Kaspars, who will make the kennel, Guntars and Mārtiņš, who will dig the trench, Ingus and Linda will weed the root garden, Juris and Sintija will clean the basement and mow, and Dana and Sigita.

Iveta is not lucky with the couple, she does not have good communication with Enija and it will be quite difficult to cooperate. The hardest work has been for the brave men Mārtiņš and Guntars – to do the work properly and on time, they work even until the morning. Agnis and Kaspars feel more in the role of commentators, they both start discussing the achievements of other participants, but they have not even started doing their own work.

Guntars will take on the role of a chef, for whom cooking does not go to heart. Will the participants not eat and live on bread and cheese?

An unpleasant surprise is also waiting for you at the “Lauku sēta” – alcohol is used, it was illegally brought to the show by Guntars. Will the host of the show Jānis apply a penalty for bringing alcohol to “Lauku sēta”? But that’s not all! It turns out that other participants have also consumed alcoholic beverages. Jānis has made a decision, and the use of alcohol has consequences for voting.

Will several participants be forced to leave the “Country Farm” from the very beginning? Watch tonight at 21 on TV6 and in a convenient place and time on the video content platform Go3!

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Russia plans to be the first to approve the Covid-19 vaccine very soon. Concerns about its safety

Russian officials have confirmed to CNN that work is underway to approve the Covid-19 vaccine, developed by the Moscow-based Gamalay Institute, on August 10 or even earlier.

The vaccine will be approved for public use and will first be received by healthcare professionals.

The vaccine development process is funded by the Russian Direct Investment Fund. Its director general, Kirill Dmitryev, has compared the development of the vaccine and its planned approval to Moscow’s success in launching the Earth’s first artificial satellite, Sputnik-1, in 1957. “This is Sputnik’s moment. The Americans were surprised to hear the Sputnik signal. It’s the same with this vaccine. Russia will be the first,” Dmitry promised.

However, Russia has not published any scientific data on the testing of these vaccines, so it is impossible to verify their safety or effectiveness. Critics say the Kremlin is exerting pressure to portray Russia as a global scientific force. There are also concerns that testing of the vaccine in humans has not been completed.

Dozens of vaccine trials are taking place around the world, but most developers have warned that there is still a lot of work to be done before vaccines can be approved.

While some global vaccines are already in the third phase of testing, the Russian vaccine has yet to complete its second phase. The developers plan to complete this phase by 3 August and then carry out a third screening phase, in parallel with the vaccination of medical staff.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has announced that Russian soldiers have volunteered to test the vaccine on humans. Project director Alexander Ginsburg has also told CNN that he has already injected the vaccine himself.

Officials say scientific data is currently being compiled and will be available for review and publication in early August.

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To date, more than 827 thousand cases of Covid-19 have been officially registered in Russia. 13,642 people died of the disease.

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“TTT Rīga” starts the season in the Baltic League with a devastating victory over “Liepāja” / LSSS

“TTT Rīga” won “Liepāja” / LSSS with 101:46 (24:10, 17:18, 34:11, 26: 7) guests.

The winners in the ranks with 19 points and six rebounds were Kitty Laksa, who threw five of the eight long shots into the basket in this duel. Another 13 points were added by Bint Drameha, Jessica Thomas, who also had five assists, and Karline Pilaber, who also scored 12 balls under the baskets.

In Liepāja team Ketija Vihmane was the most productive with 15 points.

After Laks’ long shot, the Rigans quickly took the lead with 5: 0. Laksa had already taken three long shots (11: 6) after a little over two minutes, but Karlīne Pilābere’s “threesome” reached 18: 8. The Latvian champions sent reservists after a quick gain in the field, but the Liepaja woman also could not break the protection of the guests and gave up with 10:24.

In the second quarter, the Kurzeme team managed to even out the course of the game, but in the next section of the game they managed to get the first points only after four minutes, when the Rigans had already taken the lead with 56:31. Four minutes before the end of the quarter, Megan Hafa’s two-point throw already gave a 38-point lead (69:31), but after 30 minutes played, “Liepāja” / LSSS lost by 39:75.

In the final quarter, the opponents of Liepāja almost did not conquer the basket and suffered a convincing loss.

“TTT Rīga” will also play in the FIBA ​​Euroleague main tournament this season, where in group C the Skio “Famila” (Italy), the starry Ekaterinburg UGMK and the Spanish team Girona “Spar Citylift” and Sfintu Georges “ACS Sepsi SIC” from the Romanian pair won.

Meanwhile, in the Baltic League International Group “Kandava” at home with 58:53 (17:16, 18:12, 18:15, 5:10) won “Jelgava” / BJSS.

In the Kandava team, Ilze Gotfrīda stood out with 15 points and nine rebounds, while Laura Ķeistere added 13 points. Alise Karlsone was the most successful in the losing team with 17 points and eight rebounds.

In turn, “Saldus” / “Sporta skola” won the Latvian U-16 national team with 53:45 (18:10, 19: 7, 2:13, 14:15) in their field.

Laura Ceļapītere, Kolīna Kārtere, who also had 12 rebounds and Kristiāna Kulačovska scored ten points in the “Saldus” / “Sports School” team. Kate Kondratjeva scored 22 points in the Latvian U-16 national team.

Five Latvian teams will play in the Baltic League elite group: “TTT Rīga” (head coach Mārtiņš Gulbis), “Liepāja” / LSSS (Kaspars Mājenieks), RSU (Aivars Vīnbergs), BJBS “Rīga” / “Juniores” (Ainārs Čukste) and ” University of Latvia “(Matīss Rožlapa).

Four Lithuanian teams (Vilnius “Kibirkštis-MRU”, Kaunas “Aistes-LSMU”, Siauliai “Šiauliai” and Klaipeda “Neptunas”), as well as two Estonian teams (“Tallinn University” and “University of Tartu”) have also entered the tournament.

The procedure for the Latvian championship at the end of the season will be decided at a meeting of club representatives.

Latvian and Estonian teams will play in the international group, just like last year. Latvia will be represented by Daugavpils University (Nikolajs Romansenko), Jelgava / BJSS (Harijs Zelčs), Jūrmala (Andris Steļmahs) and Saldus / Sports School (Pēteris Višņēvičs), which started last year, as well as five new teams – BJBS “Riga” / “Juniores-2” (Aigars Nerips), “Kandava” / “Anzāģe” (Roberts Rozentāls), “Diamond Academy” (Ilze Ose-Hlebovicka), “Hummingbirds” / LU (Mudīte Gūtmane), Ogre Basketball school (Edgars Ikstens) and Latvian U-16 national team (Andris Steļmahs).

In the 2018/2019 season, five Lithuanian, two Latvian and one Estonian teams participated in the Baltic Basketball League championship in the elite group, but in the 2019/2020 season – three Latvian, three Lithuanian and two Estonian teams. “TTT Rīga” became the league’s two-time champions.

Since the autumn of 2019, the Baltic League has been supported by the perfumery and cosmetics retail company “Douglas Latvija”.

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How to protect yourself from melanoma? Doctors recommend three simple steps

“Every year we see that the ‘peak’ of new cases is in May, when melanoma is receiving increased attention and free tests are held. Every year there are cases when a person comes to the test by accident, he has not guessed anything suspicious. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you include a skin checkup in your personal health calendar, similar to an annual dental visit. The earlier a stage of melanoma is diagnosed, the greater the chance of getting through healthy! Early melanoma is completely curable, and today’s technology allows the tumor to be detected at an obvious stage, ”emphasizes dr. Raimonds Karls, Chairman of the Board of the Association “Dermatologists against Skin Cancer”.

If a person arrives on time, the diagnosis is made in time. Oncologist Alexander Derjabo also points out that the visit of a specialist is very often late. “I accept one to two patients a week with newly diagnosed malignant melanoma of the skin.

Unfortunately, a large proportion still arrive when the melanoma has reached an average thickness of 2.5 mm after Breslov, ie the tumor has reached stage 2.

Although the trend over the last 10 years is positive, when the first visit came with a 10mm tumor, in comparison with European countries, late diagnosis in Latvia is one of the main causes of high mortality, ”emphasizes the oncologist, noting that in Austria, Germany and Switzerland much higher, but mortality rates are low. “Every second or third dies in Latvia, but every tenth in Switzerland”, says dr. Derjabo.

The frequency of a specialist’s visit is individual – depending on various factors, but once in a lifetime, a full examination of the face and body skin and examination of formations should be performed by any person, and the first or “zero” examination should be performed as young as possible. A must visit is for people who have more than 20 pigments on their body and if they have had sunburn.

“It’s one step – come and find that everything is fine!” emphasizes the representative of aesthetic dermatology, dr. Lauma Valeine, saying that raising awareness about being safe in the sun has been important since childhood. “Therefore, we invite parents to take the children to check and come by themselves to be educated and able to protect themselves and their children. It is well known that sun damage has a cumulative or cumulative effect that begins in childhood. Episodes of sunburn under the age of 18 significantly increase the risk of skin cancer in adulthood, ”says Dr. Valeine.

“Melanoma is a big umbrella under which there are many clinical forms and different prognoses. I would like to emphasize in particular that nowadays, when dermatologists have come to the aid of artificial intelligence, it is possible to ‘catch’ melanoma in situ, when the tumor is in only one or two layers of the skin epidermis and has no connection with capillaries or lymphatics. . The size of the smallest skin tumor that is diagnosed by artificial intelligence is 1.2 x 1.4 mm. Diagnosis at this stage is the ideal option. The most common reason why the tumor is not diagnosed at this in situ stage is that the person is waiting for the appearance of the classic signs of ABCD, which can be seen when the melanoma is already 5-6 mm in size, ”emphasizes the head of the association” Dermatologists against skin cancer “.

The fact that melanomas are very often absolutely accidental is also pointed out by dr. Valeine. “A person comes with a complaint about benign formations – papillomas. A complete examination of the body from the top of the head to the hands and feet reveals a small formation that turns out to be second-stage melanoma. This is a real story, a very sharp case. In my 15 years of experience working in dermatology, I have realized that what bothers the patient is not always, and rarely, coincides with what worries the doctor, ”concludes the dermatologist.

Three simple steps to protect yourself:

  • Day sun, evening sun: if your shadow is shorter than you, you can’t sunbathe! If the shade is longer than the same – you can stay in the sun.
  • Wear headgear, sunglasses, light clothing and sunscreen for exposed parts of the body. Prevent sunburn.
  • Have a regular skin examination by a specialist, but if you have the slightest suspicion of possible melanoma, see a dermotologist or oncologist immediately.

May is celebrated worldwide as Melanoma Month, with an increasing focus on this malignancy, which is on the rise. This year, doctors are particularly pleased to appreciate the initiative of the patients’ association “Step ahead of melanoma” by organizing an information campaign “White is also beautiful”, during which the population is informed about the disease and where to turn in case of suspicion, as well as advice on how to protect yourself from harmful solar radiation.

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Unfortunate shot to the ball will cost judge Djokovic almost half a million dollars

It has already been reported that Novak Djokovic, the planet’s first racket in men’s tennis, was disqualified from the US Open in Sunday due to unsportsmanlike conduct.

Djokovic was in the first set of the fourth round or eighth final with 5-6 against Spaniard Pavlo Karenjo-Bust and lost his temper after a lost point. The tennis player hit the ball with a racket, which hit the lineman around the neck.

The judge immediately clung to the court and began to cough. Immediately afterwards, Djokovic rushed to the judge, trying to comfort the victim. After a few minutes, the referee regained his breath, glared at Djokovic and left the court.

Djokovic was disqualified for his actions, so Karenjo-Busta, number 27, who was placed number 20, advanced to the next round.

The rules of the US Open stipulate that actions that endanger the health of others on the tennis court are punishable by disqualification. The sentence was handed over to the Serb on Sunday by match judge Aurelia Turte in consultation with chief judge Soeren Frīmel and Grand Slam supervisor Andreas Egli, but Djokovic tried to prove his innocence ten minutes earlier.

The rules of the tournament also stipulate that in such cases, the athlete must deduct all ranking points and cash prizes won during the competition. Djokovic earned 180 ranking points for entering the quarterfinals, while the cash prizes totaled approximately $ 475,000 (almost € 402,000).

Djokovic said goodbye to the opponent after the referee’s decision, but did not go to the judge and was in his car for almost a few minutes to leave the arena. The athlete did not even talk to the media to explain his actions.

The Serb later posted a post on the social network “Instagram” regretting what had been done.

“What happened left me feeling sad and empty,” Djokovic expressed regret in his post. “Fortunately, everything is fine with the judge. I’m really sorry I caused stress to the victim. I really didn’t want to. That was wrong.”

Djokovic also apologized to the tournament organizers for his actions, but did not comment on the judge’s decision on disqualification.

Djokovic has become one of the few tennis players to end one of the Grand Slam tournaments due to disqualification. John McKinroy was forced to close in 1990 due to disqualification from the Australian Open.

This was Serbia’s first loss this year, as he had previously won 26 games. He also looked to win the 18th Grand Slam of his career in the tournament, bringing him closer to Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, who have won 19 and 20 such races respectively.

Nadal refused to participate in the tournament before, but the legendary Swiss Federer heals a leg injury.

New York was one of the worst-hit U.S. cities in March and April, when the Covid-19 epidemic took over the United States. The temporary hospital was even set up on the indoor courts of the US Tennis Center.

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Bucharest takes a post-match throw in the victory of “Severstall”; The hill contributes to the destruction of “Spartak”

Cherepovets’ team beat Novosibirsk’s “Sibirj” 3: 2 (1: 0, 0: 2, 1: 0, 0: 0, 3: 1).

Bucharest spent 14 minutes and five seconds in this duel, during which he threw five times on the opponent’s goal, which was the best score in the team, blocked one opponent’s shot and lost in the only throw.

In the third series of post-match throws, the Latvian hockey player achieved 2: 0 in favor of the guests. Although “Severstal” won 3: 1 in the post-match throws, the “bull” of victory was credited to Yegor Morozov, who threw the “goal” in the fifth series.

Alexander Petunin scored two goals in this match, as well as a post-match throw in the first series.

The guests “scolded” the home team with 43:29, repelling Anton Krasotkin for 41 shots at the “Sibirj” goal.

In the 11th minute, Petunins put the guests in the lead, but in the middle of the game, within a minute and 25 seconds, “Sibirj” played and took the lead. In the 48th minute, with another Petunin litter, the guests reached an extension.

In Helsinki, “Jokerit” with Kalniņš defeated Moscow’s “Spartak” led by Oleg Znarok and Latvian coach Harry Vītoliņš with 7: 1 (2: 0, 2: 0, 3: 1).

Kalnins repulsed 22 away throws at the goal, only capitulating in the 46th minute after Nikita Pivcakin’s throw.

In favor of the winners, four performance points (2 + 2) were earned by Miko Lehtonen, three (1 + 2) – by Eli Tolvanen and Brian O’Neill, but two goals were also scored by Veli Mati Savinainen.

In another match, Kaspars Daugaviņš’s Moscow region “Vitjaz” was destroyed, which lost to Yaroslavl’s “Lokomotiv” with 0: 5 (0: 2, 0: 0, 0: 3).

Daugaviņš lost in both throws in exactly 17 minutes and did not mark in other statistical indicators.

In the western group, Jokerit is fifth with 13 points in nine games, Severstal is seventh with 13 points in 11 matches and Vitjaz is eighth with 12 points in 12 matches. Last in the West with five points in ten battles is Riga’s “Dynamo”.

This season, 23 teams are participating in the KHL Championship – 11 Western and 12 Eastern conferences. In the regular championship, each team will play 60 games, after which the eight best clubs will enter the Gagarin Cup.

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In the United States, a woman will be executed after a break of almost 70 years

A 52-year-old Montgomery is scheduled for a fatal injection in Indiana on December 8 this year.

The last woman to be executed by the US government was Bonnie Hedy, who died in a gas chamber in 1953 after the abduction and murder of a six-year-old boy.

Montgomery sentenced to death for a particularly brutal murder committed in 2004. A Justice Department press release said the woman had traveled from Kansas and Missouri in December 2004 to 23-year-old Bobby Joe Stinet to presumably buy a puppy.

“Upon arriving at the residence, Montgomery attacked Stineta, who was in her eighth month of pregnancy, and strangled her until she lost consciousness,” the report said. “Using a kitchen knife, Montgomery cut Stinet in the abdomen, after which the pregnant woman regained consciousness. The fight began, and Montgomery strangled her victim. Then Montgomery took the child out of Stinet’s body, took it with him and pretended to be her own child.”

Later, the court revealed that Montgomery, which already had 4 children, had told everyone that she was pregnant before the murder, and had also shown images from ultrasonography, which turned out to be stolen from the Internet. Even her husband believed in her, who later claimed in court that this was not the first time his wife had pretended to be pregnant. It was also revealed that Montgomery was searching the Internet for a cesarean section.

The girl was cut from her mother’s womb and was in good health and given back to her father.

However, Montgomery’s lawyers have insisted that the killer suffered childhood violence that resulted in brain damage. She is mentally ill, so the death penalty is not appropriate. However, in 2007 the US Federal Court and jurors unanimously ruled on the death penalty.

In December of this year, Brandon Bernard, who was convicted in 1999 of murdering two people, is also on death row.

U.S. Attorney General William Bar says the crimes are “particularly heinous murders.”

The death penalty in the United States

Under the US judicial system, crimes can be tried either in federal courts, which are considered to be at the state level, or in state courts, which are considered to be at the regional level.

The death penalty was banned at the state and federal levels in the United States in 1972 by a Supreme Court decision. In 1976, the Supreme Court again allowed states to reinstate the death penalty, and in 1988 the government passed legislation that made it available again at the federal level.

The maximum penalty is imposed in 31 US states, but was suspended by the federal government in 2003.

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According to data compiled by the U.S. Death Penalty Information Center, between 1988 and 2018, 78 people were sentenced to death in the Federal Court, but only three were actually executed.

It is known that the US federal government has decided to resume the death penalty in 2019.

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